‘Vlogger era?:’ Mayor Vico charms with sports camp mini-vlog 

Published August 7, 2022, 8:16 PM

by Khriscielle Yalao

Aside from fulfilling his duties as an elected official in Pasig City, Mayor Vico Sotto surely knows how to have fun on the job as he posted the supposed first episode of his mini-vlog.

In the 14-second YouTube video released on Sunday, Aug. 7, on his official channel, Sotto narrated the culminating activities of the sports camp held on that day.

His voiceover was presented with clips of participants playing table-tennis, karatedo, and swimming.

The mayor himself appeared on screen, saying, “Marami pang ibang sports kaso sa ibang araw ang culminating activity.” (There are more sports but their culminating activities will be held on another day),” before the video ends.

Netizens were amused by the video, saying it brought “good vibes.”

“Hahaha! Mayor nakaka good vibes naman yarn. Abangan ko vlog mo every Sunday morning (This brings good vibes, Mayor! I’m will be looking forward to your vlog every Sunday morning now),” said YouTube user Ellamay Melani in the video’s comment section.

Netizens also commented on how fast the mayor said his lines, some joking about his “rapping” skills, as well as the monotone voice he used to narrate the clips.

YouTube user @mic even wrote suggestions for the mayor, saying they wish Sotto could also do “What I Do in a Day,” or “What I Eat in a Day” types of vlogs.

Sotto is known for being a social media savvy mayor. He actively interacts with his followers, and posts funny tweets, anecdotes, and pictures both as a public official and a private citizen.