Go hails enactment of bill recognizing Pinoy Baptists

Published August 6, 2022, 11:31 AM

by Mario Casayuran

In recognition of the significant contributions of Filipino Baptists in the country, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has welcomed the enactment of a bill declaring every second Thursday of January as National Baptist Day, proclaiming it as a special working holiday.

“Lahat po tayo pantay-pantay sa mata ng iisang Diyos (All of us are equal before the eyes of God). Our Baptist brothers and sisters have always been seeking to express God’s love to our Filipino people and they have also brought so much fulfillment and purpose in their amicability,” he said.

Go is one of the authors of the measure that became Republic Act (R.A.) 11897. It lapsed into law last July 23.

The law provides that the State shall recognize all Baptists for their evangelical missions which significantly contribute to nation-building. The Baptist community has been establishing Christian schools that instill academic excellence and build character in individuals, and churches that proclaim, teach, and share biblical principles for the betterment of the nation.

Go said that with the enactment of the law, the government would also strengthen its commitment to upholding human welfare and integrity and would further intensify its support to the Baptist of the Philippines and all of its pursuits.

The senator from Davao also expressed his confidence that the Baptist churches would continue to spread the good word of the Bible and remain relentless in serving the Filipino people, especially those who are most disadvantaged.

“Tiwala po ako na sa inyong sigasig na ihatid ang magandang balita ng Diyos, marami pa po kayong mga kababayan natin ang mabibigyan ng pag-asa sa buhay (I trust that you have the best intention and effort to deliver the beautiful words of God, and more of our countrymen will be given hope in life).Kasama niyo po kami sa ating iisang hangaring maglingkod sa bayan. Tulad ninyo, naniniwala ako na ang serbisyo sa tao ay serbisyo sa Diyos (We are one with you in the desire to serve the country. Just like you, I believe that the service to mankind is a service to God),’’ he added.

Go stressed that the more than 120 years of service of Baptists in the Philippines deserve due recognition.