Jane Fonda invites everyone to move with H&M’s newest ‘movewear’ collection

The Swedish clothing company launches new brand H&M Move

In the 1980s, Jane Fonda became famous for her workout videos. Since then, the American actress became an image of beauty and fitness, helping everyone to be their best selves through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Now at 84, the Oscar winner continues to champion fitness, this time, with Swedish clothing brand H&M.

Jane Fonda (Photo from H&M)

On Aug. 4, the retailer launches its newest brand, H&M Move, dedicated to offering stylish and functional "movewear" that will support Movers of all abilities and skills to move comfortably and confidently.

“Being a mover has made it possible for me to stay fit and healthy throughout my life,” Jane says. “I’m not stopping… We should always be trying to move and grow. Being part of this movement for movement makes a lot of sense for me because it is important that no matter who you are or where you are, how old or young you are, you move.”

Joining Jane in this project is celebrity choreographer JaQuel Knight, who also stars in the movewear line’s campaigns. 

JaQuel Knight and Jane

H&M Move presents four exclusive materials by combining innovative designs with complex technologies with a simple naming system. Customers need only glance at the name of each material to understand what it does and how it helps them move. First is DryMove, which helps pull all moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortably dry while moving. ShapeMove gives wearers extra support plus features a “no show” benefit when lifting and stretching. SoftMove is super soft and gives you extra support while you move. Lastly, StormMove aims to protect Movers against wind and rain and is breathable whatever the weather.

“H&M Move is a movement brand. We’re here to celebrate movement and invite the world to move. Removing barriers to sport is very much at the heart of our purpose, starting with democratizing sports apparel,” Simon Brown, general manager of H&M Move, says. “We provide a wide range of movewear across several categories that are stylish, functional, and of incredible value for our customers. Combined with our passion to get everybody and every body moving, we are truly inspired by the journey ahead of us.”

H&M Move’s collections for women and men are now available in select stores nationwide and on hm.com/move. Visit hm.com/move or follow @hm_move for more inspiration.

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