Belle Mariano wields new power with Smart

Published August 4, 2022, 8:46 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Belle Mariano

Breakthrough star Belle Mariano shot to stardom as the spunky but loving lead star of the 2021 hit series ‘He’s Into Her’ at a rather unlikely time – right in the middle of the pandemic and a huge transition within her home network.

And while some would think it all happened by a stroke of luck, the truth is, since she started as a child star in Goin’ Bulilit nine years ago, Belle has been quietly powering through a future star’s journey with so much patience and perseverance.

All those years of pursuing her passions – in between successes and rejections – paid off.

People took notice of her sensitivity as an actress and her palpable chemistry with heartthrob Donny Pangilinan. Doors of opportunities flung wide open – lead roles in films, a debut album, and her very own digital concert, among others.

Belle’s latest starring role to date involves being the newest endorser of Smart’s new ‘Power All’ campaign, proving her clout in a highly competitive industry.

With Smart Power All, subscribers get more data, unlimited TikTok, and unlimited calls and texts.

“I have the power to do what I want,” Belle declares in the campaign video for Smart released last July 24, which shows her fluidly adapting to a hybrid world and powering through a whirlwind of online and offline activities, representative of today’s youth.

In this exclusive interview below, Belle dishes out even more secrets on how she is able to navigate her career in order to pursue what she wants; and pays tribute to her source of power, her supporters.

How did connectivity empower you to break barriers, particularly during the pandemic?
Working amidst the pandemic comes with a lot of challenges, but I’m always grateful for every opportunity to do what I love and showcase my talents. ‘He’s Into Her’ has been life-changing for many of us in the series. I guess the Internet made it a lot easier to get feedback from fans and interact with them, as well as promote the show to a wider audience. We’re also grateful for all the fans who went out of their way to post and share about the series with their friends and families via social media.

How do you power through each busy workday?
I am a coffee person, so the first thing I do when I wake up is make my coffee to power through a busy workday. Like everyone else, I rely on my smartphone all the time – for scripts and shoot schedules and to fill in the breaks via social media to interact with my supporters online, listening to music and streaming videos.

Many consider their smartphone as an ‘extension’ of themselves and therefore
can’t do without it. Do you feel the same way?

Yes, our smartphones are extensions of ourselves. In a way, our most used apps reflect the passions and hobbies that are important to us. I can’t do without my smartphone because it’s my way to connect with loved ones, especially since we’re still in a pandemic and therefore have a lot of limitation in terms of movement.

What are your go-to apps?
I often use Instagram and Twitter, along with other social media apps where my fans are active. I also enjoy scrolling through Tiktok because I get to see the latest trends there.

If you had the power to do what you want – anything at all – what would you do?
Meet all my fans physically and connect with them all the time. I know I can’t thank them enough because of all the love and support they have showered me over the past year.

How do you feel about being the newest Smart Prepaid endorser?
I feel excited and grateful because I’ve always wanted to endorse a brand I really trust and rely on. I am also happy I have the power to do what I want with Smart. In the industry, you are what many consider a triple threat because you shine in acting, singing, and dancing.

How important is it for you to be a versatile artist?
It’s really important for me to be versatile because performing is my passion. I’m lucky to start early as a child actor because, in a way, I got to grow, explore, and hone my talents within the industry. My journey is filled with learning experiences and I’m happy that I get to inspire and entertain people by doing the things I love. Most of your supporters rally behind you through social media.

What are some of the most memorable comments you’ve read about yourself and how did
these empower you?

I really appreciate it when I read comments or tweets about how my character in a project touches them or inspires people because of my performance. These comments give me a sense of fulfillment and empower me to work harder. People easily relate to you because you’ve always kept your feet on the
ground despite what you’ve achieved at such a young age.

How do you maximize this power to reach out to more fans and touch their lives?
By showing my appreciation to them like how grateful I am even if I don’t get to see the fans physically. Being on the receiving end of all this love and support has really been a humbling experience for me.

When was the last time you needed to power through a challenging situation? How did you deal with it?
Social media can be challenging at times because of all the bashing and hate comments people deal with on these platforms. What I do is to take all valid criticism in a constructive way, so I can grow and learn from them.

Any powerful icon or role model you look up to or want to emulate? Why?

My mom. I’ve always been grateful for the love and support she has shown me as I continue to pursue my dreams. I can easily say I draw my power from her.

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