ASEAN automobile industry posts robust performance in H1

Published August 2, 2022, 4:41 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

The automotive industry in the ASEAN region registered a strong growth both in sales and production volume in the first semester this year, with the Philippines the only country whose production volume posted a negative growth.

Data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF) showed that automobile producing countries in the region were able to manufacture 2,055,548 units in the January-June period this year or 18.1 percent higher than the 1,7409,322 units produced in the same period last year.

Automotive sales in the region showed a stronger 23.21 percent increase in sales to 1,648,856 units year to date from 1,338,864 units same period in 2021.

Based on the data, the region’s biggest car factory hub Thailand was able to produce the most number of automobiles in the region with 911,087 units for 7.9 percent higher than the 844,601 units in the first half of 2021. Indonesia, ASEAN’s largest market, churned in 658,285 units or a significant 28 percent growth from 514,479 units in the same period last year.

Malaysia registered a strong 31.8 percent growth having manufactured 317,933 units in the first half this year from 241,288 units in the same period last year. Vietnam also increased production by 28.3 percent to 124,946 units from 97,395 units.

Myanmar registered a 187.1 percent increase coming from a low base of 1,032 units to 2,963 units in the first semester this year.

Philippines was the lone car producing country with a negative growth, albeit a slight decline of 2.9 percent with production reaching only 40,334 units from 41,527 units in the first half of 2021.

In terms of sales, Indonesia and Thailand were engaged in close race. Indonesia sold 475,321 units or 20.8 percent higher than 393,466 units in the comparative first semester 2021 while Thailand’s sales grew by 22.6 percent to 457,622 units from 373,191 units last year.

Malaysia’s sales also went up 33 percent to 331,366 units from 249,178 units and Vietnam sales surged 34.1 percent to 201,840 units from 150,481 units. Philippines also grew its sales by 16.7 percent to 154,874 units from 132,767 units.

Car sales in Singapore declined by 34.2 percent to 21,965 units from 33,401 units and Myanmar was able to sell 5,848 units from 6,380 units.

From the motorcycle side, sales grew 7 percent, slower than the four-wheeled vehicles, with total sales from four countries reaching 1,991,116 units from 1,860,738 units in the same period last year.

Thailand sales reached 906,625 units, Philippines with 763,117 units, Malaysia with 315,235 units, and Singapore with 6,139 units.

Only three ASEAN countries reported motorcycle production with Thailand producing 934,455 units, Philippines with 431,524 units and Malaysia with 316,260 units for a total of 1,682,239 units or 2 percent down from 1,716,780 units in the same period last year.