Pickup life and the flexibility it affords

Published July 29, 2022, 9:25 AM

by Inigo Roces

Ready for anything

Few cars can take on such a wide variety of activities as being both a family vehicle and the backbone of your own business quite like a pickup. Thanks to their rugged construction, extremely useful cargo bed, modern features, and go-anywhere ability, you’re sure to take on any challenge with ease when armed with a pickup.

Whether 4×2 or 4×4, many pickups these days are already designed to take on a variety of activities. You’d be surprised by just how much some of these can do, regardless of their trim level. In the same vein, some of the higher trim models are capable of so much more, with barely any modifications needed. This week, we go over some of the best pickups available and what they’re capable of.

Accessible for any driver

Whether you’re new to pickups or have had them for a long time, you’ll be surprised at just how capable these cars are in stock form. Forget the old warnings about pickups being harder to handle than your average family car. With today’s modern models, there’s hardly any skill required.

Pickups now offer some of the most comfortable rides in any class. This is thanks to modern suspension systems that have been optimized both for the rough stuff and paved city streets. They can handle just as well as any sedan and still have the flexibility to ride over the roughest roads without any need for adjustment.

When it comes to the venturing off road, all models now have preset driving modes that choose the best settings for you. For those that still like some control over what their vehicles can do, options like high and low 4×4, locking differentials and many more options can be selected to truly maximize grip over mud, sand, or even boulders.

Size is no longer a problem either. Armed with cameras on all sides, it’s now possible to see just how close you are to other cars or obstacles and easily move around them. They’ve also been optimized for long drives on the highway with features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning systems, and even autonomous braking systems to help avoid accidents.

Made for customization

Best of all, today’s modern pickups are also made for the afficionado. Looking to tackle tougher trails, find the most isolated campsites, or simply go off the grid? Accessories like roof racks, bed covers, awnings and even tents are now more widely available for nearly every model. There’s also a wide array of wheels, tires, and aftermarket modifications available to make that pickup truck truly your own.

So which pickup is the best to buy? It all depends on where you plan to go, what you plan to do, and what you plan to bring. Join us as we go through some of the options out there to help make that choice a little easier.

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