Korean singer-actor Seo In-guk connects with Pinoy fans through ‘Love&Love’ album 

Korean singer and actor Seo In-guk, known for starring in the drama “Reply 1997,” recently came out with the single album “Love&Love,” his first solo release in five years.

It features the song “My Love,” an R&B track that features singer-songwriter and rapper Ravi and evokes feelings of longing and caring deeply for another person.

“I felt that with track, I could deliver a small cheer up in a sad way. trying to touch their hearts,” he said.

Seo In-guk (Instagram)

With the new song, he has captured the hearts of fans including Pinoys. One of them is Filipino actress and singer Kristel Fulgar, who got the chance to interview Seo In-guk.

“I got to interview Seo In Guk, the person who got me into Korean culture and inspired me to learn hangul . This was an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m thankful to NYMA and Warner for this,” she said.

Other fans who wanted to know more about Seo In-guk were able to ask questions through Warner Music Philippines.

Here are some of the questions and Seo In-guk’s answers:

Tere: How are you feeling now that you're back as a singer with a physical album and also a new drama? I actually waited for your new song! We can't wait to hear you sing it live in a fan meet.

Seo In-guk: I’m so happy to have the album and the drama come out together, and I’m seeing a lot of positive feedback from the fans about the album and the drama so I feel like I’m flying in the sky right now. If I ever get the opportunity to do a fan meeting in the Philippines, I’ll definitely join. I can’t wait to meet all of you over there!

Maiker: Congratulations on your successful comeback. How are you feeling these days? Do you feel like writing more songs for a full-length album?

Seo In-guk: I can’t wait to get the opportunity to release a full album. I’ve produced a lot of tracks for it, but because of the timing and all the situations, I’m trying to see the best timing . And yes, I would love to have a full album out.

Aili: Will you consider covering/singing a Tagalog song? And will there be a chance for you to have a fan meeting in the Philippines?

Seo In-guk: I would love to try to cover a Tagalog song. And yes, I will try my best to get the opportunity to do a fan meeting in the Philippines as well.

According to Seo In-guk, he wants to have a fan meeting in the Philippines and take a vacation too.

“I would love to have a fan meeting with the Filipino fans. And also, personally, I would love to visit the Philippines and take a vacation over there,” he said.