PCG pays tribute to auxiliary members

Published July 24, 2022, 2:14 PM

by Martin Sadongdong

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) paid tribute to its civilian volunteers for their commitment to support the uniformed organization during the 37th PCG Auxiliary (PCGA) National Convention in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu held from July 22 to 23.

Admiral Artemio Abu, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant (Photo courtesy of PCG)

Admiral Artemio Abu, PCG Commandant, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the members of the PCGA whom he considers as “modern-day heroes” for “offering their time, talent, and treasure to [help] save lives and properties, and [preserve] the country’s rich marine resources.”

“The past years were particularly challenging for all Filipinos, as the country battled with an unseen and deadly enemy: the COVID-19 virus. It was safer to stay home and limit mobility, but even under these circumstances, the PCGA chose to extend help to others,” Abu said.

“Many of you stood with us at the frontlines – offering health services, supporting government initiatives, and donating vitamins, hygiene supplies, and other necessities to our kababayans,” he added.

(Photo courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard)

The PCGA is a voluntary uniformed non-government organization (NGO) that is formed with a military structure and is attached to the PCG.

Founded in 1972, the PCG has assisted the PCG in promoting safety of life and property at sea, protection of the marine environment, and other humanitarian activities such as coastal clean-up drives and scuba diving operations for marine environmental preservation for five decades already.

At present, the PCGA has around 20,000 officers and members who also serve as force multipliers during search and rescue missions particularly during the typhoon season; maintenance of aids to navigation; and humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR) operations.

Meanwhile, Auxiliary Vice Admiral Manuel Luis Idquival, PCGA National Director, reaffirmed the organization’s dedication to “stay as reliable public service partners” of the PCG and “bear their ranks with value, respect, and dignity.”

“Rest assured that the PCGA force shall be [P] – professional, [C] – community based, [G] – guardians of the environment, and [A] – always adjusting to the changes of time,” he said.