Rocco and Melissa Nacino looking forward to fun moments with first baby

Published July 8, 2022, 12:25 AM

by Robert Requintina

Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing

Celebrity couple Rocco and Melissa Nacino are excited to become first-time parents as they look forward to sharing fun times at home with a newborn.

“We’re excited to the point na kapag sisipa si baby, naka-abang kami. Napansin namin mahilig siya sa rock music. Everytime na nagpaparamdam si baby, andun kami to experience it,” said Rocco, during the Zoom for the launch of MamaLuna Series — a set containing Phytosense conditioning shampoo, bath gel, and body lotion that is safe for all mamas and the whole family. 

Melissa added: “We’re super excited to become parents. The past weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of stuff for the baby.” She is scheduled to give birth sometime in October.

Rocco and Melissa got married on Jan. 21, 2021. At this point, the power couple said they have already adjusted to each other’s careers. 

“It took us a long time, but we were able to adjust within a year, during the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. Then adjusting to married life and living in one house, it took us a while also to really know each other. I know Mel misses volleyball. We’re on that stage na nagusap kami if she gives birth and if she wants to try again, I’ll be very supportive. Definitely, I’ll be working,” said Rocco, who is one of the leading Kapuso actors.

Melissa said that she’s ready to give up sports and focus on raising a family.

“I think we have the same mantra that we need to work, we’re workaholic people and supportive of each other’s careers. One thing that’s really important when it comes to having different careers is having a supportive partner. After playing for more than half of my life, I think I’ve done enough. I’m ready na to have a baby. Kasi sa career ko, having a baby, talagang stop ka na. No volleyball, as in no career. So yun ang time na sabi ko, I’m ready,” the volleyball star said.

In preparing to have a baby, Rocco and Melissa said that they attend classes about responsible parenting and staying mentally fit.

Zoom interview with Rocco and Melissa

“Mentally, may information overload kami, but then we’re going to have classes. Next is the baby room,” said Melissa.

Rocco added: “We are preparing financially for the baby’s room. It’s a mess right now with all the products that we got in preparation for our baby. We try to stay fit lalo na mentally in the next few months. A lot of preparation has been coming into play. I’ve been working hard, and I’m doing a new show soon.”

Melissa admitted she experienced a bit of anxiety when she got pregnant. But she’s thankful to have a partner who keeps her relaxed and happy all the time. 

“Nagkaroon ako ng konting anxiety because hindi ako nagpapa-pawis. Talagang upside down ‘yung lifestyle ko. But I’m thankful andyan s’ya because my husband is really helpful,” she said.

Rocco cited the need for a healthy support system among couples. “A husband has responsibilities when it comes to his wife’s mental health, kaya a healthy support system has always been beneficial to couples.”

The celebrity entrepreneurs also shared the good news that shared they have been taking important steps to prepare for their family’s future and safety. 

Rocco and Mel have been heavily involved with Orabella for the development of the MamaLuna Series since day one: from branding to product development, to home usage testing, pilot approvals, and now marketing. 

“We are so excited to launch this product line because it feels very personal for us. We closely worked with the Orabella team during the whole development process. We wanted to make sure that our products are safe for my pregnant wife, and perfect for use for the whole family,” Rocco shared.

The MamaLuna Series contains the Phytosense Conditioning Shampoo, which has Coconut Surfactants for gentle cleansing, Cressatine for hair fall defense, and organic Chamomile Essence for calm and care. Cressatine has Watercress and Indian Cress extracts that strengthen existing strands by building high-quality keratin, stimulate new hair growth by triggering keratin growth factors, and prolong the growth phase of hair.

Also included in the set is the Phytosense Bath Gel, which has Amisoft for gentle cleansing on the skin, organic aloe vera for lasting hydration, as well as organic Chamomile Essence for calm and care. 

Last but not least is the Phytosense Body Lotion, which has organic Sunflower Oil for a multi-blemish defense, aloe vera for lasting moisture, and organic Chamomile Essence for calm and care. Organic Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamins A, C, and D, which boosts skin cell turnover, ridding the skin of bacteria. 

The Aloe Vera juice contains Aloesin, which prevents scarring and hyperpigmentation. Aside from the many benefits that the MamaLuna Series offers, Rocco and Mel wanted sustainable packaging for the products as a way of making them environment-friendly. “We wanted a product that is not just safe for me while I’m carrying our baby, but also safe for the environment, which will benefit not just my child, but all our children when they grow up,” Melissa quipped.

The MamaLuna Series makes use of eco-friendly wheat straw bio packaging, a BPA-free and Pthalate-free renewable and sustainable alternative to plastic. It is biodegradable in 3-6 months via composting, and completely recyclable and remoldable. 

“We are happy to work with Orabella for the MamaLuna Series because they understand our needs as soon-to-be parents. Orabella takes pride in being a Filipino brand that can create world-class innovative products promoting sustainable beauty and wellness. We look forward to a fruitful partnership in the years to come,” Rocco ends. 

The MamaLuna Series is available on Shopee and Lazada, and is also available nationwide via Orabella franchisees, distributors, and resellers.