Jaclyn Jose gets easy on newcomers

Published July 7, 2022, 7:44 AM

by Annalyn S. Jusay

Jaclyn Jose (Instagram)

In school or in the workplace, there is always seniority. Most often, the seniors tend to “bully” the juniors just to show the latter who has the upper hand. Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose says she doesn’t agree with this mindset. She expressed the belief that older actors like her should nurture the young ones because they are the future of the movie industry.

“I always say I was once there. Hindi dapat sindakin ang mga bata kasi sila ang next generation sa industry. Pagaanin natin ang loob nila, let us be nice to them. Give them a chance at wag tayo maging hindrance sa kanilang pagsikat,” Jaclyn told writers during a virtual conference for the upcoming Vivamax psycho-thriller “Tahan.”

The award-winning Jaclyn is cast as a mom to showbiz newcomer Cloe Barretto who plays a prostitute in “Tahan.” In the movie’s trailer, Jaclyn’s character is seen killing her daughter’s client.

Jaclyn said it is her first time portraying the role of a mother who kills. And also her first time to work with lead male star JC Santos and the 20-year-old Cloe who she found to be “quiet, focused and absorbing all the work” given by “Tahan” director Bobby Bonifacio.

The film director only had positive words to say about Jaclyn. “She made sure that newcomers like Cloe get their moment to shine.”

Jaclyn said Cloe reminded her of the time when she was just starting out in showbiz being handled by top directors like Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal.  She recalled that back then, “there was no hand-holding. Newbies had to learn things on their own, and when you don’t get it right, you get screamed at.”

The senior actress observed that “young actors now are more privileged.” She clarified that she does not take it against the new ones.

“I always say I’ve been there. I am very welcoming to new actors and actresses because I’ve been in their shoes. I don’t judge actors who cannot deliver well because I believe there are no mistakes in acting. Kung tatakutin mo sila, ano ang mangyayari? Lalo silang hindi makaka-deliver.”

The cast of “Tahan” said the script written by young actress Quinn Carrillo is suspenseful and viewers should look forward to a “twist” in the end that is also another shocker and a revelation.

“Tahan” streams on Vivamax on July 22.