“Know that even when it does, the sunlight that you need is in your heart.”

With over 4 million views on HIP Events Team’s TikTok account, the 21-second video shot by Define Happiness Studios has made many cry happy tears. Investment bank analyst Nysa Aritao can be seen walking down the aisle, set in a garden wedding, holding an umbrella. She eventually put down the umbrella and continued walking toward pilot/cryptocurrency trader Kenn Marzan who was drenched from the rain. He can be seen crying along with the two best men beside him, one of which is Van Tampoa who introduced the two to each other.

Both Baguio locals but now residing in Manila, Marzan proposed last Aug. 2019. Wedding preparations followed after, but they had to postpone it due to the pandemic. Marzan’s mom, who worked abroad for most of her life, finally settled back in the Philippines. It was the opportune time to push through with the wedding, and it was held last June 18 at Frangeli House in Baguio City.

Marzan Aritao wedding viral

Chief Coordinator of HIP Events Rhia Darang shared how they have been praying that it doesn’t rain, “We were fervently praying for sunny weather that day. We even offered eggs. It started to rain an hour and a half before the ceremony, but we weren’t too worried since we still had time to move it indoors. And we were hoping until the last minute that it would stop since the couple really wanted their garden wedding.” The team would update everyone every 15 minutes, but by the 3:00 p.m, it started to pour. “I felt a little disappointed just waiting for someone to finally say that it has to be moved. I knew it would come to that. But everything changed when Kenn insisted to meet me there in the garden. Just us. Just for a moment. I was so happy that somehow, this person that I was going to marry, knew my heart. What I wanted without us ever talking about it. No rain could stop that. That’s when I understood what love was. That’s why it rained. To teach us that love knows no boundaries,” adds Aritao.

“It was a magical moment when all the suppliers came together and decided to give Nysa and Kenn their walk in the garden,” Darang continues. “Everybody was ready, we were armed with just trash bags to cover their equipment. Coordinators cueing the bridal car and guests watching from the tent. Time stopped when Nysa started walking, everyone was crying. We were all soaking wet, but no one was bothered about it—that moment was so precious.”

“The relatives and entourage, friends and some guests, even the pastor were ready to get wet. But that’s impractical in reality, and we wouldn’t want everyone to get sick. So the event stylists were already moving the set up indoors, because it was becoming really muddy on the grass. Still, my best men Van and Carlos reassured me that they were willing to stand in the rain,” shares Marzan.

When asked why she put down the umbrella, Aritao tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, “i felt so emotional the moment I saw Kenn down the ailse, soaking wet. I thought, nababasa siya sa ulan, bakit ako nakapayong. Hence, the dramatic drop the payong.” As for Marzan, “Kinakabahan na naiiyak na masaya. Parang nothing else mattered kahit ulan pa yan, Basta hihintayin ko siya dito. Kahit dalawa lang kami at walang audience o guests o photographers kasi baka masira pa yung camera nila. Nung nakita ko na siya, sobrang saya lang talaga.”

“We wanted to share the magic that we felt that day. Whatever the weather, Baguio is still the most romantic place to get married in. We’re elated and honored to have been part of their wedding day. Our couple is happy that is that really matters,” explains Darang.

“Overwhelming. Just unbelievable and still grateful that our story was shared,” the newlyweds agree.”We got sick eventually days after it was all worth it,” they laughed. And their advice to those who are planing their wedding? “Go for it! Plan a June wedding without worrying about the rain. Know that even when it does, the sunlight that you need is in your heart. Follow it when everything is uncertain. Because, after all, love will conquer.”