A complete ecosystem to support 21st century learning

Published July 6, 2022, 12:13 PM

by Len Amadora

In this day and age, the hybrid way of learning is nothing new. However, responding to the constantly changing digital needs students and teachers go through, academic institutions need a right technology partner who can provide them a complete ecosystem of solutions–much like what Globe Business provides.

Globe Business and Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao

Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao in San Jose, Baggao is the foundation of the first Catholic learning institution in the municipality. It opened doors of opportunity to the children of farmers who wanted to pursue their high school education. With the help and support of Globe, Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao has been able to efficiently implement a new, fully automated School Management System (SMS). The digital solutions provided by Globe streamlines interconnectivity between parents, students, teachers, cashier, registrar, and even the principal accurately and efficiently. This allows teachers to maintain and manage student records online; students to view their grades and account history anytime; and librarians to create automated book inventory for easy monitoring. SMS also enhances the enrollment experience as it allows the school registrar to enable an automated queuing system that can manage the assignment of teachers, sections and schedules.

Globe Business has also equipped them with Google Workspace for Education to ensure that all their productivity tools are in one easy-to-use solution; enabling them to do their best work—together. Globe Business’ Direct Internet also allows them to run their platforms, systems and learning tools smoothly, while its Managed Wifi has proven itself to be useful in providing easy connectivity to students and teachers so they can achieve maximum productivity and learning anywhere in the campus. Ultimately, Globe Business’ solutions have enabled St. Joseph’s to fulfill its mission amid today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Globe is committed to provide schools like St. Joseph’s College of Baggao, its administrators, educators, and the students, the right digital and connectivity solutions–affordable connectivity, accessible platforms, and a safe learning environment for all–to help them adapt confidently in the rapidly evolving academic environment.

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