Piolo is single and ‘not looking’

Published July 5, 2022, 7:46 AM

by Annalyn S. Jusay

Piolo Pascual

At 45 years old, Piolo Pascual is undoubtedly one of tinseltown’s most eligible bachelors. While he has been linked in the past to a few actresses, Piolo remains an elusive catch. He does not deny the fact that, yes, people are pressuring him to have a significant other because marriage or a relationship is the only thing missing in his life. He’s already successful and no doubt financially secure.

The youthful Piolo, however, is quick to counter that he’s really not “looking.”

“Hindi yan hinahanap, dumarating na lang yan,” was Piolo’s quick retort to those asking about his partner in life.

“I believe in destiny, in something that happens out of fate and divine intervention. I believe in magic, I believe in something electrifying. I will know it when the person comes and gives me that feeling,” he revealed.

He noted that he has no set of criteria for his future someone. ” At the end of the day, it’s about the heart or my special feelings for the person.”

Piolo declared that his priority right now is to “just focus on work and see where life takes me.”

He thought that he will retire from acting when he turned 40, but that obviously didn’t happen. ” I realized that being in showbiz is my passion. Being in the business gives my life a purpose, so I just want to continue what am doing.”

The handsome actor had a face-to-face meeting with the press during the Bright Like The Sun mediacon organized by Sun Life Insurance, where he was once again introduced as the brand ambassador for 2022.

Because he has been with  the brand for many years now, he joked that the endorsement is his longest relationship.

Piolo said he started investing in insurance when he was in his 20s and now that he’s much older, he can already qualify for a monthly pension from that investment. 

He pointed out the importance of  “saving money for the future because this is what will give you financial freedom.”

Piolo bared that  when he was already earning a lot as a top star, he was wise enough to invest in real estate. He also vowed not to change his lifestyle. For example, whenever he travels with his mom and extended family, he tries to come up with a budget and plan everything ahead of time.

“You don’t spend what you earn. Save it up,” the actor advised.