Kryz Uy on her many mistakes

Published July 4, 2022, 12:00 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Kryz Uy learned a lot of things as a first-time mom to her firstborn Scottie.

She now knows the many things she did wrong.

It is such that she is trying to do better where it concerns her bunso, Sevi.

The celebrity vlogger discussed this on her recent vlog, talking about the mistakes she did as a first-time mom and the things she’s doing differently now.

“Hopeful that this video helps you out too if you are a struggling mama. I surely know how it feels. But before trying any of my tips, don’t forget that it’s still best to consult your doctor,” the wife of former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Slater Young wrote on the description box.

So what’s the first mistake?

Kryz shared: ” When Scottie was a newborn, a lot of moms told me: ‘You know what, you should make your kids sanay to sleep anywhere even it is a noisy environment. So don’t keep him cooped up in the room so you don’t have to tiptoe around him when he’s sleeping.”

“You should keep him, like, in the broad daylight so that he can sleep anywhere. You should talk even when he is sleeping – with a normal voice. He should hear the vacuum, the coffee machine – everything should be normal so that you’re training him to sleep wherever and he’s not gonna be a picky sleeper.”

But Kryz reiterated it’s “wrong.”

“Even us adults we can’t sleep na nga if it is a noisy environment. If it is super bright, it is harder for us to sleep, what more these kids, these babies who are so used to the dark of our wombs? Who are so used to the shush of our wombs…,” she pointed out.

According to her, when Scottie was a newborn, they were always in the living area – from making breakfast to watching TV – and their first child was just right there.

“It was super duper bright because our house is a glass house and he was just chilling with us the whole time. Which is probably why he never slept. And Slater and I always said Scott is not a sleeper lang talaga. He is just a baby that has a hard time sleeping,” she shared.

“No wonder because his sleep environment was not optimal at all. And now with the amount of research that I’ve done and also with the experience that I have, Sevi sleeps in his own room… Creating the perfect sleep environment will definitely help with baby sleep.”

Kryz also tackled how sometimes mom “intervenes” too much.

She even vividly remembered how every little noise that Scottie made then, she would instantly go.

“I was super duper panicky which was wrong because now I’ve learned that babies are usually in the REM sleep and babies are really fussy when they sleep. That’s just how it is,” she related.

“I know it’s worrisome to hear a baby cry. It’s worrisome to hear a baby fuss but sometimes they’re not telling you to pick them up. They’re just trying to tell you ‘Mom, I’m uncomfortable’ or ‘Mom, I just need this space to figure it out on my own.” So Mamas, don’t think every single sound is baby fussing. It could just be baby’s way of communicating that he’s falling back asleep,” she added.

Another mistake Kryz realized is how she assumed that Scottie was hungry whenever he was crying.

She also opened up about Scottie’s thumb-sucking which was prompted because they didn’t let him use a pacifier as per advice by the people around them.

In the end, Kryz admitted how then she “overanalyze” everything.

She suggested her co-moms to not beat themselves up for every little mistake.

“For my last tip things I’m doing differently for  Scottie and Sevi, I’ve realized now that having a perfect life for your kid is actually not so good for them. Because if you schedule out everything for them, if you map out everything for them, if every day of their lives sakto yung tulog nila, if every day of their lives they get to sleep in the perfect crib, how will they deal with life’s adversities?

“Life isn’t perfect, right? They need to be able to learn that sometimes their routines need to get broken. Sometimes maingay talaga yung bahay, sometimes mahihirapan talaga sila, papawisan sila, they’re gonna get hurt, they’re gonna feel hurt, they’re gonna feel bad, sometimes wala si Mommy, wala si Daddy and that’s okay.

“They need to learn how to cope with that so that when they get older, they’re better to cope with life’s challenges and life’s differences. Because if you’re always there for them, if you’ll let them live in a bubble, you’re actually doing them disservice. You’re actually making it harder for them to be resilient to life’s changes. So that’s something that we’re gonna do.”

Kryz and Slater tied the knot in 2019. The following year they welcomed Scottie.

They had Sevi a few months ago.