THRILLMAKER: Who stunned in terno during PBBM’s inauguration

Published July 3, 2022, 11:30 AM

by Joee Guilas

Toni Gonzaga-Soriano

The much-anticipated inauguration of the republic’s 17th President finally came to pass last Thursday marking another historic moment in the country’s history. During that June 30 morning, all eyes were fixed on the National Museum which was turned not just into the country’s most important stage but also a runway where the Philippines’ who’s whos donned their best “Filipiniana” for the historical event.  As if judging in a pageant and with pen and paper in hand, the Thrillmaker, along with fashion stylist Oli Sara, jotted down the occasion’s best lookers.  Of course, our focus was principally directed at the most notable personalities in attendance.  Among them…

ACTRESS AND HOST, TONI GONZAGA.  Donning a Mark Bumgarner to sing the national anthem in the event, Toni was divine in white. Oli on Toni: “This is a quiet vindication for her after being bashed during the campaign period. She’s glowing. Her gown may be plain, but it is clean, chic and involved impressive fabric manipulation.  The pleating technique was done to perfection.  Look at her, she seems very happy and standing beside her husband.” 

First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos

FIRST LADY LIZA ARANETA MARCOS.  The new first lady wore this intricately embroidered dress by London-based Filipino designer, Lesley Mobo.  The dress worn by the First Lady is an 18th century style of Filipino embroiderers, using the craftsman technique of Calado. Based on the designer’s own description of his creation, the outfit was made of vintage pina and liniwan pineapple fabrics. Oli says: “What I like about it is that it went through a process involving different regions.  It was hand loomed by the weavers of Aklan and hand embroidered by the artisans of Batangas.  What a way to wear the entire Philippines in one outfit!”    

Sen. Imee Marcos

SENATOR AND PRESIDENTIAL SISTER, IMEE MARCOS.  The eldest of the Marcos siblings chose to wear an unconventional terno by Rem Divino.  It was not the typical butterfly sleeves. “I love the elements that she chose to put on that dress, Oli excitedly remarked upon seeing Imee and her dress.  “She carried her father with her by putting little trinkets, brooch, pearls and pendants that were gifts from her dad.  It was an emotional, well-thought-out dress.  It was unexpected but very Imee.  Her outfit has a lot of symbolism,” he added.

Sara Duterte

SARA DUTERTE – After carrying the green creation of designer Silverio Anglacer during her own inauguration in Davao, the country’s second-highest ranking official chose to wear Cary Santiago’s silk chiffon terno during last Thursday’s presidential inauguration.  Seeing her walk while wearing the gown made Oli gasp: “I love the quiet elegance, the appropriateness of the color.   Because it was a day event, the look went in contrast to the scorching heat.”  The younger Duterte wore a flowy dress with the designer’s favorite flower, phalaenopsis, cascading from her shoulder.  On her choice of outfit for her own oath-taking event, Oli said: “Well, green is her political color. It sends a strong message of sentimentality and loyalty.” 

Imelda Marcos

FORMER FIRST LADY, NOW PRESIDENTIAL MOTHER, IMELDA MARCOS.  She’s still the queen of terno. Oli almost jumped off his seat when he saw THE Mrs. Marcos. “Grabe! Wala tayong masasabing nega!  At her age, she is still the standard of Filipiniana.  Her dress was made to perfection. Look at the appropriateness of the color, the silhouette.  The brooch that she chose was the highlight of her terno. Now that’s really elegant!” 

However, aside from these personalities and in the sea of women wearing their fabulous Filipinianas that day, one lady stood out for me and Oli that morning, probably because of our pageant-oriented tastes.  She is no other than…

Alexandra Araneta

ALEXANDRA ROCHA ARANETA – Irene Marcos’ daughter-in-law.  She was just hard to miss and a “sight to behold,” in her Lesley Mobo.

Oli Sara

As Oli and I reckoned who our big winner for the day was, we both agreed that it had to be the Filipiniana that scored its biggest win during the inauguration.  It was a glorious and beautiful moment, seeing the terno come alive once again.   We saw a mix of beautiful clothes from both seasoned, old designers to the young blood, new designers.  Now, that’s definitely a good thing.