3 members of K-pop group Stray Kids diagnosed with Covid-19 in the US

Three members of K-pop boy band Stray Kids have tested positive while on their world tour in the US.

JYP Entertainment announced on July 3 “that Stray Kids members Lee Know, Felix, and I.N have tested positive for Covid-19 on July 2nd (local time).”

Stray Kids are in the US for their second world tour “Maniac.”

Stray Kids at their concert in Newark, New Jersey on June 29 (Twitter)

Stray Kids members who tested positive for Covid-19 are (from left) I.N, Lee Know and Felix (Instagram)

“Stray Kids members and all staff members participating in the Stray Kids 2nd World Tour 'MANIAC' in North America related schedules have been preemptively conducting self-testing kits before commencing schedules every day,” said the agency.

It added, “Lee Know, Felix, and I.N received positive results on self-testing kits performed on July 2nd (local time), thus immediately visited a hospital to receive PCR tests and were diagnosed with Covid-19.”

“All Stray Kids members have received all three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and have each been using single rooms. Lee Know, Felix, and I.N are currently not presenting any symptoms and are quarantined in accordance with the United States CDC guidelines," the agency explained.

It said, “The 5 members excluding Lee Know, Felix, and I.N, and all staff have received negative results from PCR testing. All members will continue to continuously monitor their health.”

As a result, Stray Kids’ shows in Atlanta, Georgia slated on July 3 and Fort Worth, Texas on July 6 have been postponed.

“After much in-depth discussion, we regret to inform you that the following shows have been postponed: Stray Kids 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” - Atlanta (July 3rd (Sunday) Stray Kids 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” - Fort Worth (July 6th (Wednesday).”

JYP Entertainment said, “We ask for STAY’s understanding, as STAY are the ones who have been most eagerly waiting for the concerts. We will provide more details regarding the new dates for these shows as soon as possible.”

“We apologize for causing concern to all STAY who support Stray Kids, as well as all staff involved. JYPE will continue to place the artist’s health as the highest priority and will provide everything possible in order to support the artist’s swift recovery,” it said.