Bicolano turns heads on Netflix

Published June 28, 2022, 2:48 PM

by Neil Ramos

He may not be as good-looking as, say, Alden Richards or a do-it-all like Coco Martin but Bicol-born Mark Paguio is now making a name for himself in Hollywood — two years since he started his acting career.

If you are among those who blurted “Mark who…?” well, he is actually the Asian dude who figures prominently in the hit Netflix movie “Spiderhead,” holding his own against big established stars Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller.

Yes, that guy is Pinoy and proud of it.

In an interview with ANCX, the 28-year-old described his work ethic as “very Filipino.”

He says: “I like to bring as much joy into everything, and I work really hard. (Being a Filipino) plays a lot into how I live my life and how I work.”

Though born in Legaspi, Albay, Mark is now based in Sydney, Australia.

His family moved there in 1999.

Mark fell in love with acting in high school.

He would go on to study performing arts at Monash University, going on to join the National Institute of Dramatic Arts a few years later. 

Note that “Spiderhead” is not his first outing.

Apart from a number of theatrical stints, Mark was also seen in the TV comedy-drama series “Bump” and “The Unusual Suspects.” 

Given his resume, Mark never thought he’d actually land the role he plays in “Spiderhead.”

But, obviously, he did.

And all because he simply had fun doing his audition piece.

He was actually surprised to receive a callback.

Asked how it was to work with Chris and Miles, he related, “Chris was always giving me acting tips. Miles and I would have pretty big chats on acting and the craft, what his philosophies are—wisdom that one can only gain through years of experience.”

“Spiderhead” is a huge break but it’s not as if Mark is now lounging in a yacht somewhere, rolling in dough.

He still works as a waiter.

But, of course, he is just getting his start.

He vows to keep on keeping on, hoping to land bigger, more challenging roles and soon.