Mayor-elect Sandoval promises 'motherly care' to Malabonians

Published June 27, 2022, 11:59 AM

by Aaron Homer Dioquino

Malabon City Mayor-elect Jeannie Sandoval on Monday, June 27, said that she will be like a “mother” in helping residents as the first lady mayor of the city.

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, Sandoval said that she will be taking care of the residents better like a mother who has more sensitivity when it comes to their needs.

“Like our moms, normally when you get sick, when you have a problem, the first person you run to is your mom,” she said.

“I want to make the people of Malabon feel, especially if they are having problems, may mga kailangan ng tulong, makakalapit sila, bukas ang pintuan ko anytime (if they are having problems and they need help, my door is open anytime). It’s open to all regardless of gender,” she added.

The incoming mayor said that she wants to ensure that the city’s basic services like housing and health programs are implemented well and that concerns will be addressed.

She added that she will review the ordinances and programs in the city to see if these need to be improved to serve the citizens better.

Sandoval also said she wants to strengthen the city’s Covid-19 vaccination program and contact tracing to prevent the spread of the disease.

During her campaign for the May 9 elections, the incoming mayor vowed to develop and improve the lives of families in health, livelihood, housing, and education through various programs that include the establishment of the Malabon Shelter and Housing Office that will aid indigent families; the ongoing construction of the San Lorenzo Luis Hospital; assistance to businesses and jobs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic; and regularization of job orders, casual, and contractual city hall employees.

Incumbent Mayor Antolin “Lenlen” Oreta III formally turned over the duties and responsibilities to Sandoval in ceremonies held at the Oreta Sports Complex.

Sandoval previously served as the city’s vice-mayor for two-terms from 2013 to 2019. She will be taking over as the city mayor on July 1.