GOSSIP GIRL: Laugh out moments with Mariel Padilla

Published June 27, 2022, 10:34 PM

by Giselle Sanchez

Senator-elect Robin Padilla and Mariel Padilla

The beauty of celebrity senatorial wife Mariel Rodriguez Padilla is that she remains the same despite the fact that her husband Robin Padilla is now a senator, and the number one senator at that. Arriving to sing for Small Laude’s fans day at Sm Aura, Mariel remained quirky and funny onstage and offstage. We saw each other backstage, and she greeted me with a hug and a charismatic smile.

As the host of Small’s event, I asked her what she was going to do, and she said, “Ay abangan mo sis ang pasabog namin ni Tita Small. This will be the duet of a year.” Indeed, it was, as their duet “Total Eclipse of the Heart” originally sung by Bonnie Tyler, went trending on YouTube and social media. The fans that day were screaming and laughing as the ladies sang their hearts out like they were in a karaoke bar.

Suddenly another voice came from the audience, Small said, “Wait guys, It’s Pops Fernandez at nasa tono siya ha!” (It’s Pops Fernandez, and she’s singing in tune!) This is where Small alludes that she herself and her guest Mariel are both tone-deaf. The punchline threw all her fans into fits of laughter and the two celebrities, Small and Mariel, did their job, they entertained the fans and made their video viral in social media. 

This is not the only viral video Mariel had created. Her live selling videos all have laugh out loud moments. Mariel started live selling her designer bags when she needed campaign funds for her husband’s senatorial race. She used her celebrity status and her talent and experience in hosting live variety shows like Wowowin with Willie Revillame, and It’s Showtime on ABS-CBN. Now a lot of products collaborate with her to live sell. Safe to say that in every live selling video Mariel hosts, there will be at least one laugh out moment. But nothing will ever beat the, ‘Ayyyyy! Nahulog ‘yung electric fan!’ video.

Mariel Rodriguez and the author Giselle Sanchez

Let me first explain to my readers what happened in this episode. In the middle of Mariel’s live selling, when she was about to announce the winner, she suddenly screamed at the top of her voice, “Ayyyyy! Nahulog yung electric fan!”

Then she realizes that she’s live on the Internet and explains to her fans that the electric fan fell and one of the blades got cut off. Even her daughter got perplexed, and she had to explain to her daughter that the electric fan fell.  Mariel’s reaction was so raw and so funny that a Dj even made song using her voice and those three magical words, “Nahulog yung electric fan’. Then Tiktokers started making a dance with that song that the DJ made that went viral. Her voice clip went viral, the dance went viral and the music went viral. And that is the brand of Mariel – raw, true, and honest. She is the perfect senatorial wife, no pretensions, no image that she’s trying to protect, just her real self on cam selling the things she loves.

I can honestly say, this true-to-life funny lady has helped her husband big-time in getting elected as senator — not only from the campaign funds she was able to collect from live selling but by being raw and true. When a person is transparent, it is easy for people to approach that person. So if it is easy to approach Mariel, the law of transitivity applies to her husband, Robin. Congratulations Robin, you made the perfect choice. Mariel, please don’t change, even if you become first lady.