4 Filipino sailors survive collision between Korean ship and Taiwan vessel

Published June 23, 2022, 9:35 AM

by Jaleen Ramos

Four Filipino sailors were among the survivors in a collision between a Korean ship and a Taiwanese vessel in the waters of the Pacific Ocean between Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island on June 8.

Among the Filipino survivors were Mark Anthony Camense, Jhoecel Asturias, Jovencio Mariano, and Marielo Bautista.

In a video shared by Camense to GMA News, the Korean Reefer Ship Momyo sank after it was hit by the Taiwanese vessel Viva Fafa.

According to the Filipino survivors, they went fishing and were about to return to Solomon Islands when the incident happened.

“Akala nga namin hindi na kami makalabas kasi ammonia (We thought we will not be able to get out because of ammonia),” Camense said.

Asturias added they were only able to save their cellphones.

The incident is already being investigated, the Filipino sailors said.

Bautista, meanwhile, said the incident cannot be called an accident because the captain of the Taiwanese vessel allegedly did not want to turn on their radar. “Nakasara lahat ng radar (All the radars were turned off),”

The four sailors are currently in Taiwan.