NCR exceeds target in ‘Chikiting Bakunation Days’ campaign

The National Capital Region (NCR) has exceeded its target population for the “Chikiting Bakunation Days,” which aimed to inoculate children aged zero to 23 months old against vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Department of Health earlier said the program’s goal was to vaccinate at least one million children who failed to get or have yet to receive any routine vaccination.

"Chikiting Bakunation Days" in Taguig (Screenshots from Taguig City government video)

Vaccines that were administered were oral polio vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine against pneumonia and meningitis, Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine against tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B and pentavalent vaccine.

In the NCR, a total of 105,131 children have been vaccinated under the program as of June 9, or 106.63 percent of the target population of 98,595.

Pateros and Taguig led in the NCR based on percentage of the total vaccinated children, according to data from Taguig City government.

Based on the data, Pateros, the smallest local government unit in the NCR, recorded a vaccination rate of 224.74 percent, with 427 children vaccinated, exceeding the target of 190.

Taguig vaccinated 5,736 children or 132.41 percent of the target population of 4,332.

Malabon placed third with a vaccination rate of 130.7 percent with 2,742 children vaccinated over the target of 2,098.

Manila is fourth, vaccinating 23,995 children out of the target 18,469 or 129.92 percent, followed by Quezon City with 19,625 out of the target 16,053 or 122.25 percent.

Makati is sixth, recording a vaccination rate of 116.34 percent or 5,277 children vaccinated out of the target 4,536.

Navotas had 897 children vaccinated out of 807 or 111.15 percent, followed by Las Pinas with 97.63 percent or 4,574 out of 4,685 children; Paranaque with 96.29 percent or 7,063 out of 7,335; Pasay with 94.99 percent or 4,021 out of 4,233; and Caloocan with 94.53 percent or 14,357 out of 15,188;

Mandaluyong recorded a vaccination rate of 88.98 percent or 3,077 out of 3,458, followed by Pasig with 86.92 percent or 5,124 out of 5,895; San Juan with 77.51 percent or 972 out of 1,254; Marikina with 74.16 percent or 3,126 out of 4,215; Muntinlupa with 72.16 percent or 1,856 out of 2,572; and Valenzuela with 69.07 percent or 2,262 out of 3,275.