'A demonization of Mindanao': Sara castigates Raissa over Twitter comment

Published June 4, 2022, 11:32 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

Vice President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio didn’t mince words in her response to investigative journalist Raissa Robles, who recently drew flak on Twitter for insinuating that the crime of kidnapping is commonplace in Mindanao.

Vice President-elect Sara Duterte (Lakas-CMD Media)

“The views expressed by Raissa Robles on Mindanao in reaction to the plan of incoming Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco to develop the region as a tourist destination are replete with journalistic recklessness and irresponsibility — something that calls for our collective condemnation as it grossly discriminated against all Mindanawons, especially those living in Moro communities,” Duterte said in a statement on late Saturday night, June 4.

On June 2, Robles tweeted: “Apparently, [Liloan, Cebu Mayor Christina] Frasco would like to open up Mindanao to tourism. I’m sure the extremist Abu Sayyaf and other bandits would be pleased by the prospects of so many potential kidnap victims. Way to go, Frasco. Prep for ransom negotiations.”

Frasco is the Department of Tourism (DOT) secretary-designate of President-elect Bongbong Marcos. She has also been serving as Dutere’s spokesperson.

“What Robles did was a demonization of Mindanao and an insult to its people, who also deserve to experience the gains of the Duterte administration over the past six years,” reckoned the presidential daughter.

According to the incoming vice president and proud Mindanawon, Robles “clearly wanted to undervalue everything that the Duterte administration has done in keeping the peace and security in Mindanao and ensuring that concerns caused by terrorist organizations, including kidnap for ransom groups, are addressed appropriately with the help of local governments and leaders of communities”.

She said that since 2016, the kidnapping operations by ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group) in Mindanao have been significantly reduced compared to the previous years.

“And the authorities have successfully rescued all victims,” she said.

“In Basilan, as confirmed by [Basilan] Rep. Mujiv Hataman himself, there had been zero kidnapping incidents since President Duterte came into office. All other incidents concerning ASG had been about the arrests and surrenders of their members and leaders,” noted the outgoing Davao City mayor.

“As a Filipino, Robles should be ashamed of herself for dangerously trying to stoke and encourage terrorist groups to target tourists in Mindanao,” she further said.