Earth+Lens, Manila Bulletin, Huawei, and DOT partnership showcases the best in Philippine travel

Published May 28, 2022, 9:10 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

The partnership between the Manila Bulletin and Huawei began in 2018 during the launch of the HUAWEI P20 Series. Earth+Lens was created as an art exhibit showcasing the beauty of the Philippines through the lens of smartphone cameras. When the HUAWEI P30 was launched in 2019, Manila Bulletin and Huawei partnered with the Department of Tourism (DOT) for its sustainable tourism campaign.

A scenic and calm landscape, accented with a timely rainbow, delights tourists at Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte. Photo taken by Noel Pabalate using HUAWEI P50 Pro

With the theme “It’s More Fun With You!” Earth+Lens 2022 is returning with the Manila Bulletin, Huawei, and the DOT, to show the pandemic has not stripped the Philippines of its wonder and beauty. The goal of this year’s Earth+Lens is to welcome back tourism and let people know it is safe to travel the country and explore what it has to offer.

Huawei created headlines when they announced the HUAWEI P10 Series. It was the first step in showcasing how modern smartphones can rival professional cameras in delivering quality pictures. Thus, setting the stage for the rise in interest and usage of mobile phones for photography.

For this year’s Earth+Lens, Huawei puts on display once more its innovations. The HUAWEI P50 Pro and the P50 Pocket have Huawei’s newest technologies that allow people to capture images and videos that inspire and promote tourism in the country.

Earth+Lens campaign consists of three phases. The Online Photography Contest, which ran from March 8 to April 3, was titled “Explore Philippines with Huawei.” This encouraged photographers to capture the wonders of the country using Huawei devices.

The second phase of Earth+Lens 2022 was a webinar session on smartphone photography and videography called “Great Pictures Made Easy: Shoot like a Pro with your smartphone.” This session involved tips and techniques on using a smartphone like a professional camera.

The final phase of Earth+Lens is an experiential activity where professionals in photography and videography were given the opportunity to try, compare, and experiment with the new HUAWEI P Series smartphones, further highlighting the best camera features in a Huawei device.