‘Live Like Never Before’ by band 46 Hope St. picked for Spotify’s Fresh Finds PH playlist

Published May 27, 2022, 9:31 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

46 Hope St.

After what one public servant dubbed as an emotionally charged Philippine national election, and with diseases and war bugging the world over, it’s definitely not bad to have our spirits lifted by an inspiring pop-rock single. Besides, we all need to loosen up and make the most out of what we have — the present.       

That’s what the band 46 Hope St. is trying to say in their latest song released called “Live Like Never Before”, one written to inspire listeners “to let go of past hurts and to live fully in the present.”

The song, produced and published by Widescope Entertainment, is dropped today, May 27, in digital platforms – up for streaming and downloading, and also for dancing in with in line with its lyrics “All of the pain I’ll be dancing away.”

The trio of Meds Rana (vocals and guitar), Ryan Gonzales (bass), and Aaron Paul Dolleton (drums) is certainly a bunch that knows the essence of pop rock embracing universality and sincerity and done with the knowledge that pretty noise is music and by the creed that the present life enjoyed to the fullest matters more than the troubled past nor the uncertain future.

Another trio, that of executive producer Vic de Vera, producer Neil Gregorio, and A&R coordinator EbeDancel, is crucially helping the young band turn their aspirations into a beautiful reality, with its guiding hand harnessed by years of music industry practice and proper exposure to the musical landscape of the land. 

Frontman Meds, who also composed the song, said his piece neatly and directly through his lyrics: “I heard the news today about the war/ Seems like our hopes are dead and gone/ But giving up on love is worse than that.”

“Live Like Never Before,” same as the band’s previous singles, had been crafted at the right places and with the right people. The drums and bass parts were recorded at Crow’s Nest Studio by Audry Dionisio, while the vocals and guitars were laid in at Katha Music Studio, NY by Meds himself. Veteran mixing engineer Dante Tanedothen joined the mix and mastered the track for our ears to fully enjoy the song. 

46 Hope St. released four singles last year and a fifth early this year, with “Di Na Magpapauto.” Their other songs, so far, are “Parisukat Sa Bilog,” “Bituin,” “Bago Matulog,” and “Palaisipan.” The group is among the signed acts of Widescope Entertainment, a fast-rising label with a reputation for backing up artists with strong materials and characters that don’t sell out.