BLACKPINK Jennie’s fans issues statement about dating rumors with BTS’ V

Published May 27, 2022, 9:34 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Fans of K-pop group BLACKPINK’s Jennie have issued a statement regarding the dating rumors with BTS’ V.

Jennie and V have been swept up in dating rumors after an alleged photo of them together in a car in Jeju Island surfaced.

BTS’ V (left) and BLACKPINK’s Jennie (right) and the controversial photo (center) (Instagram, Korean online community)

This alleged photo of BTS’ V and Jennie in a car in Jeju Island sparked dating rumors (Korean online community)

The dating rumors have continued to spread as the agencies of the two stars have not made any statement to confirm or deny it.

Here is the statement of the Jennie Global Union:

“Hello everyone. This statement has been made after discussing with fanbases of Jennie Fan Union.

“Just recently, rumors involving Jennie have surfaced and the involved companies have chosen not to put out statements addressing the issue at hand and it has perpetuated a very foul impression towards Jennie.

“Simultaneously, with the output of this news, there is another issue seen by many that has a direct connection to the situation.

“The media and the fans/non-fans with ill intentions have interpreted online activities that are now negatively affecting the public’s opinion towards Jennie. Whatever the intention behind those actions are, and whether it concerns Jennie or not, those actions are making people create a negative scenario of a situation they are not involved in personally.

“Currently, countless videos, forum posts, and even news outlets have alluded to those assumptions.

“We understand that journalists have latched onto these issues, as it is their profession. However, we do not see the point of connecting every action of some individual(s) to a woman, and we kindly ask that the media refrain from doing so in the future.

“There is nothing more dangerous than narratives with absence of evidence being spread by fans and blinded sympathizers who have a social platform.

“At this point, we will be taking action. Earlier this year, YG Entertainment reiterated that they will be closely ascertaining those who are issuing defamation against the company’s artists.

“We will be collecting posts regarding this situation that portrays Jennie in a very negative perspective without any evidence.

“We will include both international and local posts, as well as do our best to collate and forward this content to YG.

“If you come across those kinds of posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or K-Forums, please send us a message or reach out to your local Jennie fanbase that would collate everything on the fans behalf. Thank you.”