These organizations are helping victims, survivors overcome online abuse, trauma

Published May 26, 2022, 1:51 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It’s an extension of safe space for the users of this online dating app

We are now living in a digital world and even trying to connect with others is easy and more accessible nowadays. One of these applications is Bumble. It’s the women-first dating and networking application. It aims for a healthy connection in communities across the globe. This app also prioritizes women and empowers women to do the first move in every aspect of a relationship. 

While the global non-profit Bloom is a site handled by Chayn spearheaded by survivors and allies themselves, the website contains a guide and lessons in order to help the victims to overcome the trauma from their abusers online.

Early this year, Bumble announced their teamed up with Bloom to fight against sexual abuses and assualts circulating in their app and to help both survivor and victims to overcome the abuses. 

As Bumble launched “Complimentary Trauma Support for Sexual Assault Survivors” on their app. This offering is currently available in Bumble’s community in English and Spanish. They will offer it to different languages such as Hindu, Urdu, French, and Portuguese soon.

This provide a helping hand to take action to abuses, sexual assults, and help both victims and survivors for trauma they got while using the app. And if they asked what happened to someone if they report a sexual assult or perhaps a relationship abuse, they instruct ,”If someone within the Bumble community reports sexual assault or relationship abuse to either app’s feedback team, they will receive a code for free access to a version of Bloom’s support customized specifically for Bumble members, which includes three self-guided courses: Healing from Sexual Trauma; Society, Patriarchy, and Sexual Trauma; and Dating, Boundaries, and Relationships.”

To add to this, “Bumble members will receive access to one-to-one chat support and up to six therapy sessions.” According to Bumble’s Head of Member Safety Support Kenya Fairley, “The safety of our members has been central to our mission from day one. It is vital that we create a space for survivors within our community to be seen, heard, and believed.”

Meanwhile, they also plan to open this soon outside of Bumble to help victims and to combat this online violence, harassment and abuses happening in any social media platforms.