Feast of Saint Gregory VII on May 25

Published May 24, 2022, 9:27 AM

by Christina Hermoso


The Roman Catholic Church will observe on Wednesday, May 25, the memory of Saint Gregory VII, who is considered as one of the greatest Roman Pontiffs of all time.

Popularly known as the greatest reformer of the Medieval Church, the Italian saint was elected as the 157th Pope or head of the Catholic Church on April 22, 1073.

He served up to the time of his death on May 25, 1085.

During his pontificate, he instituted significant reforms including the elimination of the practice of selling religious offices and lay investiture.

He also promoted clerical celibacy.

His letters stressed the important role of the bishop of Rome as the Vicar of Christ and the visible center of unity in the Catholic religion.

Born in the year 1015 in Sovana, Italy, St. Gregory was named after St. Gregory the Great.

As a Benedictine monk, he displayed tremendous courage and determination as he fought for the cause of Christ and His teachings.

He also served as counselor to another great reformer, Pope Leo IX. St. Gregory was canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 1728.

St. Gregory was buried at the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Angels, Saint Matthew and Saint Gregory the Great in Salermo, Italy.