Don’t hold your breath

Published May 24, 2022, 8:00 PM

by Jules Vivas

An air cooler and a filtration unit in one, this gadget is a household must-own

The ARFC-12C, rechargeable air cooler with purifier (Akari)

Despite the high vaccination rates in several countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns everyone that the pandemic is far from over. The agency cautioned the Philippines in April that with social mixing and unsafe gatherings in the recent months, a surge in Covid-19 cases is likely to occur

“The continuous recalibration of the country’s Covid-19 response strategies is essential to prepare for a possible surge in cases and manage Covid-19 sustainably,” advised Dr. Rajendra Yadav, acting WHO representative in the Philippines.

The national government, Local Government Units (LGUs), and communities continue to take urgent actions to reach the unvaccinated individuals from the priority groups, in particular, senior citizens and indigents. Because we still have a long way to go to achieve herd immunity, there is a need for further cooperation and effort to keep Covid-19 at bay. And the united front against the health crisis begins in families, households, and individuals.

One way to make the home safer from the coronavirus is the proper use of air cleaners and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) filters. Take note that filtration or air cleaning alone is not enough to protect people from the dreaded virus. Yet, utilized properly along with other best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health agencies, such as wearing face masks and social distancing, air purification can be part of a plan to lessen the potential of indoor airborne transmission of Covid-19.

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The airborne disease aside, indoor air pollution is a major global health hazard. From burning fossil fuels to cooking and heating emissions like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and even the carbon dioxide we breathe out, a certain level and amount of exposure to these pollutants are harmful to our health. We owe it to ourselves to have good filtration systems at home.

A trusted electronics brand in the country Akari has recently penetrated the purifier market. The company has recently launched a line of coolers, most of which have air purification features. With the warm climate of the Philippines on top of the pandemic, an air cooler that doubles as an air filter makes a lot of sense.

The Akari Rechargeable Air Cooler with Purifier (ARFC-12C) is a large-sized air cooler with a 12-inch fan and a nine-liter capacity water tank. With four trolley wheels attached to its base, the unit is easy to move around. It has a built-in battery that can last three hours on heavy use and 12 hours on minimal use, with the speed setting on low.

Another bonus feature is a LED light in the middle of the fan, so the cooler could also serve as an emergency light when needed.

One of its most important functions is the ionizer, which eliminates impurities, dust, dirt, and other pollutant particles in the room. Cleaner air could be felt almost immediately.

On top of the cooler are the buttons for power, ionizer, cooler, swing pattern, speed, and LED. There is also a small screen for the timer as well as a light indicator that tells if the unit is on or if it is charging. At the bottom is a small water-level indicator. An alarm goes off when there is not enough water in the tank for the cooler.

Meanwhile, as a cooler, the ARFC-12C does its job well. With cold water and ice on its tank, it can cool a 20-square-meter room to about 28 to 29°C on a regular dry day in the Philippines. Room temperature was initially 31 to 32°C. This data was taken in the afternoon.

With the cooling function on, there is a little noise produced due to the process of the water being pumped to the cooler grill. Not that disruptive, the noise is forgivable, especially if it is the only cost for cleaner, more chilled air. Its honeycomb filter has a good capacity to retain more water and cool the air faster.

In terms of decreasing the room’s temperature it does better than a fan, but of course, not an AC.

With the warm climate of the Philippines on top of the pandemic, an air cooler that doubles as an air filter makes a lot of sense.

Remote control range is five to eight meters. The air cooler comes in colors white and black.

The ARFC-12C is one of the many offerings of Akari that translates the brand’s commitment to providing value-driven, innovative, high-quality products.

Akari aims to bring cost-effective products goods with the right style and functionality in every Filipino home. Visit their official website to purchase its latest selection of home, space, and office items.