NCRPO vows cooperation amid probe into alleged cops' involvement in series of attacks vs BOC personnel

Published May 23, 2022, 11:01 AM

by Aaron Recuenco 

The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) has vowed full cooperation in the conduct of the investigation into the alleged involvement of some policemen in the series of attacks against personnel and officials of the Bureau of Customs.

In a statement, NCRPO director Maj. Gen. Felipe Natividad said the death of a policeman at the hands of BOC personnel will not deter any necessary cooperation to find out the truth regarding the series of attacks, some of them led to the death of BOC personnel.

Police Master Sergeant Celedonio Caunceran, assigned to the Quezon City Police District, was arrested by BOC personnel after he was seen roaming around the bureau’s office on Friday, May 20.

The BOC earlier hoisted full alert in all its offices following the series of attacks that include some of its officials. At least three BOC personnel were killed since last year.

Caunceran was taken inside the BOC office for investigation but he allegedly grabbed a gun of one of the BOC personnel. He was shot in the head and at the chest that led to his death.

“Though complaints or cases filed against subject policeman pertaining to the same allegations are yet to be confirmed, I have high confidence in our investigation process and rest assured that due and in-depth examination of the circumstances and pieces of evidence gathered shall be conducted to ultimately establish the truth behind this case,” said Natividad.

“At the moment, all units concerned are considering all possible collaborative effort to finally uncover the facts in the alleged series of attacks against Customs employees,” he added.

Natividad said he was saddened with what happened to Caunceran.

He confirmed that Caunceran was placed under the District Holding and Accounting Section (DPHAS) of Quezon City Police District (QCPD) over allegations of his involvement in the series of killings of BOC employees.

“As the Regional Director of NCRPO, I commit not to tolerate nor condone any form of involvement of my men in all forms of lawless activities,” said Natividad.