EARLY CHRISTMAS: Vice Ganda gives ‘It’s Showtime’ staff cash bonus

Published May 21, 2022, 10:51 AM

by Neil Ramos

Vice Ganda was feeling generous on Friday.

So much so that he decided to give away cash to “It’s Showtime” staff.

He called it “additional incentive.” 

Vice announced, “Ngayon pa lang, Showtime staff, 130 people, lahat kayo makakatanggap ng Merry Christmas from Vice Ganda.”

“Maganda ang gising ko. Yung 130, the staff, lahat kayo makakatanggap ng P5,000 each,” he added.

But the number of those identified working for the show increased to 150 a little later.

Vice jested, “Parang palaki nang palaki, ah. Parang nagkakaabusuhan tayo dito, ah…”

But he would go on to eventually assent to it.

“One (hundred) fifty ‘yan, ha? Pero kailangan all accounted, ha? Go, go,” he said.

Vice would go on to explain why he decided to shell out money.

He said, “Sa buhay hindi puwedeng ikaw lang ang maganda. Hindi mo maa-appreciate ang ganda mo kung yung mga taong nakapaligid sa iyo hindi naman naaambunan ng gandang iyan.”

He added, “You have been very kind to me and I woke up today realizing I have been so blessed to have you. And I just wanna put a simple smile on your faces today.”

Note that Vice also doled out P10,000 each to five lucky viewers that day.