AJ Raval keeps mum on supposed pregnancy

Published May 21, 2022, 1:54 PM

by Neil Ramos

Many are not keen to believe AJ Raval is simply going to “study,” dropping several acting assignments rather unceremoniously.

Some insist there is more to it.

Others are more direct.

They are firm that it is because AJ is actually pregnant with Aljur Abrenica’s love child and that her decision to “lie low” from showbiz is part of her elaborate effort to hide her bulging tummy.

AJ hasn’t confirmed or denied insinuation as of writing.

But her defenders has since come out with proof belying the notion.

Making the rounds is a photo of AJ at a gym wearing an outfit that exposed a flat stomach area.

Did it help silence naysayers?

Not really.

Some of the comments:

“Gurl ganyan din tiyan ko nung 3 mos preggy ako…”

“May ganyan naman talaga ka flat na tummy pag 3months palang na preggy, lumalaki nalang sa ika 4th month. Di naman lahat ng women malaki agad tummy sa 1st month..”

“Minsan nakikisama din eh.. pag tinatago maliit, pag nabulgar na tsaka biglang lalaki…”

“I still have doubts. Parang out of the blue naman kasi. Kaliwa’t kanan ang movies. She was just at her peak of her career tapos sasabihin she will go study?”