Summer must-haves

Published May 20, 2022, 6:00 AM

by Manila Bulletin

Check out the list of Chelsea Robato, Myrrh Lao To, and Paolo Valenciano for a season to remember

Living in the tropics has its perks, such as being able to bask in the warmth of bright, sunny days for weeks! Work and play by the beach, retreat to the mountainside for a quick reprieve, or just chill out in the city—your corner of paradise can be found anywhere. 

To best enjoy your days, regardless of what you do, check out this season’s daily must-haves on the summer list of some of summer’s favorite people.

COMFORT QUEEN Chelsea Robato

Beauty and the best

Model-influencer and mom Chelsea Robato redefines femininity. As an on-the-go entrepreneur, she doesn’t hold herself back and embraces all the surprises and adventures that await in every corner.

Her arsenal of Rustan’s beauty must-haves help boost confidence throughout the summer. These include the Clarins Bright Plus Serum and Clarins Dark Spot Targeting Treatment—both are made to achieve skin perfection with a youthful glow that has heads turning. 

FRESH SCALP Phytopolleine revitalizing elixir

And since every woman’s mane is her crowning glory, easily revamp your look with Phyto Hair Color and Phytopolleine for more luscious tresses.

Highlight your unique style, marrying both fashion and comfort, with amazing picks from Furla and Katre, a homegrown brand. Keep your bags in tiptop condition during storage with bag stuffers from Love My Bags.

When it comes to your ensembles, support should never be dismissed so get into shape—or achieve the shape you want—with intimate wear from Triumph. You can also feel secure when you hit the beach for snorkeling, freediving, paddling, kayaking, and whatever activity with Speedo’s sports swim dresses and long-sleeved swimsuits.

Skin is in

Myrrh Lao To, celebrated stylist to the stars, knows that the secret to feeling good is taking care of your body. Beyond simply achieving better fitness, regular exercise and pampering are needed to help you feel confident in your own skin.

To achieve that youthful look, never leave the house without Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen, which helps to protect you from skin-damaging UV rays. For a fully moisturized complexion, add a little sheen and luxury with Palmers Cocoa Butter and Body Oil.


Of course, to ensure deep and nourishing hydration, drink several liters of water a day. Never forget to take a sip with your handy Acqua Insulated Water Bottle, which keeps your drinks cool and you feeling refreshed.

Hands up for Dads

We don’t give hands-on dads like Paolo Valenciano enough credit. While he’s a full-time events director, he’s also a full-time father and partner. What makes him most admirable is that he makes sure to always be present for his family. 

DADDY TIME Paolo Valenciano fathering his daughter

He pulls his weight around the house and makes sure that his family feels loved with homecooked meals that he happily whips up in his kitchen using his Tefal Ingenio Cookware Set.

To best enjoy your season in the sun, drink several liters of water a day.

After a heavy day out, he takes the extra precautions to ensure his family’s safety using Pili Ani’s Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap, which comes in several pleasant scents, safe for adults and kids.

DAD’S A COOK Tefal Ingenion non-stick, Thermo-Spot pan

Whatever your lifestyle, whether you like living it slow and steady or at high-speed, be prepared to take on any day with these best picks to make your days easier.

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