Karen Davilla on Robin Padilla leaving showbiz to focus as Senator: ‘Good move’

Published May 20, 2022, 11:36 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Action star and first-time senator Robin Padilla recently announced that he’ll be staying away from the limelight to focus on his work as lawmaker.

Among those who reacted favorably to his announcement is broadcast journalist Karen Davila.

She wrote on Twitter: “GOOD MOVE Sen Robin Padilla (thumbs up sign emoji).”

According to her, winning showbiz candidates should stop treating the senate like a “bonus” or a “stature post.”

“Let us demand they do the work, show up and be active. The Filipino people deserve no less (Philippine flag),” she added.

Meanwhile, TV personality and newbie senator-elect Raffy Tulfo also recently revealed his plan to take a public administration course to learn more about legislation.

Robin and Raffy topped the Senatorial race with 26,454,562 and 23,166,449 votes, respectively.

Tucked in between them is former journalist Loren Legarda with 23,992,761 votes.