Robredo thanks Cebuano weavers of her pink dress for daughter’s graduation

Published May 19, 2022, 10:54 AM

by Raymund Antonio

Vice President Leni Robredo gave due thanks to the women weavers of Argao, Cebu for the “Hablon de Argao” pink dress she wore during her youngest daughter Jillian’s graduation in New York University.

Vice President Leni Robredo wears a handwoven pink dress from Argao, Cebu to youngest daughter Jillian’s graduation in New York University. (Photo from Leni Robredo via Instagram)

Robredo penned on Twitter an appreciation post to the Argaoanons for their “beautiful gift.” This is the handwoven floral dress they made in her signature color—pink.

“Thank you for the beautiful gift you gave me when I visited Argao. So so proud of the talent and craftsmanship of Argaoanons,” she said, retweeting a post of Twitter user @Lindleezy.

The Vice President received the handwoven dress from supporters in Argao after her visit to the southern town of Cebu on Feb. 24 during the campaign period.

She wore the Hablon for Jillian’s graduation at NYU much to the surprise of Argaoanons when they saw her photos on social media showcasing their town’s culture and heritage.

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In a Facebook post, Rainera Lucero, one of the lead supporters of Robredo in Argao, recognized the people who made the Vice President’s graduation dress.

Lucero said that Josephine Cameros and Jovencio Fuentes were the weaver and sewer of the locally made dress, respectively.

She also named Surigao-based Cebu artist Jocel Capuyan Gozon as the one who handpainted the floral design on the dress.

The Hablon de Argao industry had been declining steadily, but it was revived when the Cebu Technological University (CTU) made it an extension project.

Lucero credited CTU Argao’s Jima Bejagan and Jorelyn Concepcion, the latter responsible for reviving the Hablon industry in the town.