WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: The mother of ‘harbat’

Published May 18, 2022, 7:21 AM

by Mr. Fu

Mr. Fu and Nay Lolit Solis

I will be talking about a very special person who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow, May 20. (ikukuwento o ilalaglag?!) She’s no other than Nay Lolit Solis!  Showbiz columnist, talent manager, TV host and the mother of “harbat”! (I’m sure yung pinakahuling title ang pinakagusto n’ya!)

I can’t recall the very first time we met (o baka gusto ko lang kalimutan!) But I’m sure it was on GMA7 compound. I would see her every now and then until the management decided to put us together on “Tweetbiz” on QTV 11, along with other talents. (di pa kami close n’yan masyado kasi mas feel ata nya si Tim Yap na kasama namin sa show!)

When I became a regular talent of TV5, I saw her in one event that I was covering. Since I was there to do my ambush interviews for one talk show, I approached her.

MR. FU: “Hello Nay Lolit! Madami nang lumipat sa TV5, kelan ka lilipat?”

Lolit: “Lilipat lang ako kung ikaw makaksama ko sa show!”

Lolit Solis

MR. FU: “hahahahhahahahahhaha!” (as in tumawa lang ako nang malakas!)

Lolit: “Hindi nga. Nakita kita magtrabaho. Gusto kita katrabaho.”

MR. FU: “awwww…touch naman ako dyan.” (siguro naman di nya ako ineeklay nun!)

We never had a show on TV5. But she would text me whenever she would see me on cam. I remember we would talk about electric fans. I used to be an endorser of a brand of electric fans, and she would ask me if her electric fan was already on its way to her home. (pinapadalhan ko kasi sila minsan ni Tito Gorgy Rula!) She would even joke: “Wala bang aircon?! “(I’m sure hoping sya meron! Kaloka lang ha, kasi electric fan ang harbat ko for her!)

Three years ago, I got to work with her on “Take It Per Minute,” her digital show with fellow veteran showbiz talk show host. (na eventually nilagyan ng Meganon ang show title!) Her classic gesture behind the camera was when she would set aside gift packs for me before I arrive on the set. (as in papasok pa lang ako, iaabot na nya. Kailangan may share ako palagi ng harbat na galing sa friends o sa fans ng show. Wow fans ha!)

She is my textmate. We always talk about what she calls our “kagagahan in the show” (favorite din naming okrayin si Salve Asis na walang kamalay malay!) But one of the most unforgettable experiences I had with her in the show, was when she defended me from the comments of a popular female personality. A producer asked us to do a show with the female personality but apparently Ms. Personality didn’t want to include me in the show. (di raw kasi ako knows ni ateng!) I told Nay Lolit that it would be ok if I wont be part of the project but she insisted that she would make things work for all of us. (pero di naman MMFF scam levels ha!) I just got shocked when I read her text conversation with the female personality. She said all the good words for me just to convince Ms. Personality to work with me. (as in kulang nalang gawin akong santo! Tumatak sakin yang talak nya!) But still the project didn’t push through. (so parang kasalanan ko!)

Two months ago, “Take it Per Minute Meganon” had a problem. (naku di ko na e-explain baka may mang-okray nanaman sakin!) The management changed its title to “Take It, Take It Meganon,” this time a show featuring just the two of us. (feeling close lalo ako sa kanya kasi sinasama na nya ako sa ig posts nya!) Nothing changed in her usual motherly persona. (kahit naiirita sya minsan pag retouch ako ng retouch!) I would claim to the staff: “I’m seated at the right hand of the Mother!” (well, literal kasi nakaupo talaga ako sa ride side nya eversince!) But seriously, she has always been in my heart. (wag lang marereact ang anak nyang si Sneezy!). I believe the universe has its reasons why we are working together in the show. (baka kasi ako na magiging Harbat Princess! Bilang sya ang Queen!)

Happy 75th birthday Nay Lolit! (hanggang 175 years old ka pa ha! oo 175!)

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