Marge Organo's spectacular glass sculptures

Published May 18, 2022, 12:18 PM

by John Legaspi

The artist presents her love, devotion, and passion for glass sculpture in her latest exhibit

Folklore, myths, legends, and symbols are man-made creations that fill the real world with wonder. These fictional tales bring fantasy and magic, and as a testament to how one’s imagination can go so far. Taking them beyond just stories and literature is Marge Organo as she turns myths and emblems into spectacularly colorful sculpted glass.

In her latest exhibit dubbed “Marge Organo: Par Excellence,” the artist presents works that play around with the literal and metaphorical meaning of objects, often those that seem to highlight the human body’s connection to those is around it. As art is deemed to be a deeply personal expression what an artist values, the works featured at Marge’s latest exhibit may be interpreted as symbols pertaining to family as well as milestones in a person’s life—and the emotions these evoke to viewers.

Marge’s glass sculptures, as a showcase of her expertise in molding such a delicate medium, exude a graceful strength. Her artistic voice lends a kind of symbolism evident in a world of myth that, although particular in the way they were used in her artworks, can still be experienced as a unique journey by every viewer.

This 32-piece exhibit features works Marge had fine-tuned after studying glass sculpting at the internationally-renowned Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York before she got accepted at the Kamenicky Senov, one of the oldest glassmaking schools in the world located in the Czech Republic. to pursue glass casting.

‘My Piece of Paradise,’ ‘Sto. Niño XIV,’ and ‘Phoenix’

In the exhibit, viewers can expect to see her elegant glass sculpture interpretations of icons and images such as the phoenix and the Sto. Niño, much like in her 2021 “Core of Devotion” exhibit, while her “My Piece of Paradise,” “Overjoyed,” and “Flaming Hot” pieces demonstrate a vibrant display of her mastery in molding glass.

“Marge Organo: Par Excellence” is about the celebration of life and its splendor—that it also serves as a commemoration of the artist’s birthday is a fitting touch.

“Marge Organo: Par Excellence” will run until May 26 at Galerie Joaquin in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati.

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