Avigate aims to change the ‘chat commerce’

Published May 18, 2022, 2:52 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

The growth of ecommerce in the country has been exponential. Some online sellers are facing increasing challenges as they scale up. This includes inquiries and concerns by customers sent directly to sellers’ platforms and responding individually can be overwhelming. So some sellers rely on bots to address the common questions.  

Avigate believes bots can do a lot more than answer questions for you. With their mobile app, sellers’ various bots across platforms can be interconnected, allowing them to share deals and announcements to different customers. 

Avigate’s bots are easy to customize to suit the seller’s needs. These bots support invoicing, payments, and customer relationships by answering inquiries. 

“We build solutions centered around chat,” said Carlos Ang, Avigate CEO. “Most of our competitors offer chat as a side dish and an online store as their main course, but we at Avigate realized that many online sellers want to focus on using social media platforms. Instead of leading them to another E-commerce platform, we decided to maximize what they can do on social media instead. If you’re an online merchant selling on Facebook or Instagram, we want to help you amplify your business.” 

The Avigate app allows customers to send photos and videos of products they are interested in, before or after store hours. The app also supports checkout and payments, so customers no longer have to backtrack to the item page, and buy it directly from the chatbox instead.

Features of the app extends to posting to sellers’ Facebook messages, sales tracking, product inventory, expenses, and delivery updates.  

“Avigate’s leaders have over 50 years of combined experience in retail, software development, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,” Ang said. “Furthermore, we’re merchants ourselves, which gives us an invaluable understanding of what merchants need when it comes to chat commerce.”

Avigate has recently partnered with Robinsons Department Store and Toys”R”Us to bridge them to digital customers. 

“Avigate’s chat technology provides a faster and more efficient way for Toys”R”Us to handle customer inquiries and orders,” said Dennisa Navato, operations manager of Toys”R”Us. “It’s available around the clock, helping us service our customers even on weekends and late at night. We can also rely on it to help customers through their online shopping journey, and even get them to complete their transactions easily.”

Moving forward, Avigate is focusing on interconnecting chatbots for different social media platforms, for convenient online shopping for customers. Services for Instagram and Viber are also in development. 

Download the Avigate app here or check out their website to learn more about Avigate.