It’s tea-off time!

Published May 17, 2022, 11:10 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

World Tea Day is this week

International Tea Day is this Saturday, May 21st, and when Steuarts Tea Philippines reached out to me, they were surprised to learn they were “preaching to the converted.” I’m allergic to coffee, so it’s always been tea for me. Having spent some of my educational years in England will also turn me into a tea convert. Mind you, even back then, they considered me strange for not wanting to mix milk into my tea, and preferring to genuinely savor the flavor of the leaves. 

Black teas, green teas, fruit teas, and how even back in the late 1970s I was already listing the Earl Grey blend with its hint of bergamot oil (orange peel), and chrysanthemum tea, as my favorites. In short, I’ve had a long history with teas, even if from an uneducated consumer perspective. But with what limited knowledge I do possess, I know of the reverence and respect attached to the history of highland Ceylon’s tea plantations.
George Steuarts is Sri Lanka’s (formerly Ceylon) oldest mercantile establishment, having been established back in 1835. Now a modern company with diversified interests, and with Divasa Equity holding the majority stake, it’s still very proud of its rich tea history, and how Steuarts Tea carries so much heritage in every little pack.
For this International Tea Day, Steuarts has aligned with Prologue (Sct. Gandia and Greenhills), Fatted Calf (in Tagaytay), Dough & Grocer (Sct. Gandia and Capitol Commons) and select 11:11 branches to come up with some tea-rrific offerings!

Steuarts Earl Grey-infused pastries from Dough & Grocer.

At Prologue and at Fatted Calf, spending a certain amount will give you a free cup of tea, or a pot you can steep to your preference. Over at Dough & Grocer, Earl Grey-infused pastries are on offer, from Croissants, to dessert Cubes, and a Pound Cake. In the case of 11:11, there’s a special Buy-One-Get-One promotion that’s going on for 11 days, from 11:11am to 1:11pm. Their special milk tea is made with expertly brewed tea. 

The 11:11 Milk Tea, with an ongoing BOGO offer.

Steuarts Tea Philippines is all out to make International Tea Day extra special this year. Whether you like your tea hot, iced, or sun-brewed, there are a variety of flavors that all promise the consumer the experience of quality Ceylon tea leaves and preparations. While for someone like me, Tea Day is practically any and every day of the week, it’s good to see how this beverage is gaining in popularity here in the Philippines.
Rich in anti-oxidants, with less caffeine than coffee, and with a plethora of health benefits thanks to the polyphenols found in tea, I’ve always been happy to have my “cuppa.” You just have to make sure you’re getting natural, quality tea. And, of course, all in moderation.