Vice Mayor-elect Jaworski vows to help Mayor Vico in pushing for reforms, fighting corruption

Published May 16, 2022, 9:54 AM

by Khriscielle Yalao

Following his victory in the May 9 local elections, newly-elected Pasig City Vice Mayor Robert “Dodot” Jaworski Jr. said on Monday, May 10, that he will continue fulfilling Mayor Vico Sotto’s mandates in institutionalizing progressive reforms and fighting against all forms of corruption to bring about good governance in the city.

“We have to keep pushing for those reforms, one of which is to institutionalize the anti-corruption measures within the city. So no matter who places in different positions of politicians in the future, hopefully it would be able to safeguard the resources of the government by keeping corruption out of reach,” Jaworski said in an interview with CNN Philippines.

Jaworski was proclaimed Pasig City’s new vice mayor on Tuesday, May 10. He won with 205,250 votes.

As the new leader of the city council, Jaworski noted the fresh faces that will make up the council who are ready to represent the Pasig citizens’ interests.

Led by Sotto, team Giting ng Pasig claimed a strong victory in the May 9 local elections, with 10 out of their 11 councilors filling the 12 city council seats.

“This landslide victory is just a testament to the changes and reforms that Mayor Vico Sotto has been doing. We’re all beneficiaries of these reforms. We stood by him. He’s the only one who can actually claim credit for this. None of us can, except for Mayor Vico Sotto. We’re lucky to be a part of his team,” he added.

Prior to his 2022 win, Jaworski served as congressman representing Pasig City from 2004 to 2007. He also ran in the mayoral race in 2007 but lost to Robert Eusebio.

Jaworski acknowledged the responsibility thrust upon him, noting the difference between crafting local legislation with national laws.

He stressed his readinesses and excitement, especially in helping Sotto and the team serve the city.

He shared that he thought he had moved on from politics after engaging in the private sector and realized that he did not need to be in government to serve the people.

However, he heeded Sotto’s call for aid, saying he “would not have considered going back to politics, especially to running for vice mayor, if not for Mayor Vico and the changes he has begun.”

The new vice mayor remains grateful to the people’s trust and promises to help deliver real political change that will resonate in the city.

“If we work together and set a clear path, we have a lot of hope to give. Don’t lose hope, Philippines. I think we still have a lot of good Filipino-loving citizens out there who will all pitch in to make this country great again,” Jaworski added.