‘Tuloy ang kasal’: Viral #kakampink couple to push through with wedding no matter who wins

Published May 14, 2022, 9:19 PM

by Manila Bulletin

No matter who wins in the 2022 elections, viral “kakampink” couple Ariean Cristobal and Emanuelle Cruz De Guzman will push through with their planned wedding by the end of this year.

Photo from Ariean Cristobal of their placard statement at the Pasig City campaign rally last March 20, 2022. Emanuelle Cruz de Guzman said that they initially thought of writing ” Engaged Couples for Leni ” but later changed it into a more catchy one.

The photo of the couple holding a placard saying: “Ikakasal kami na si LENI ang PRESIDENTE (Leni is the president by the time we get married)” made rounds online after the May 9 elections when partial and unofficial presidential race tally showed that Ferdinand “Bong bong” Marcos Jr. had a sizable lead over their bet.

Based on the comments on social media, netizens asked what happens now that the couple’s bet only came in second. Some even urged them to call off their wedding and might as well break up.

“My fiance and I are trying to rise above the negativity, we try not to answer any negative comments,” said De Guzman in an online interview with Manila Bulletin.

De Guzman said on an FB post that what’s written on the placard is imperative and not conditional, so they’re still set to tie the knot in December no matter who among the candidates wins.

“Getting married is a decision that we’ve made after a lot of talking, arguing, and everything in between. I love you in every universe Ariean Cristobal,” said De Guzman in which the bride answered, “Mahal kita, Emanuelle Cruz De Guzman. We are in this together.”

He shared in the interview that they initially thought of writing “Engaged Couples for Leni” on their placard but have then decided to make it more of a stand and came up with one on the viral photo.

“When people started seeing the placard, they congratulated us then someone from ‘Team Leni Robredo’ approached us to take a picture,” he shared.

There was no mobile signal during the event and it was only after the rally that they found out how their photo blew out on the internet.

“When we got home, we just saw that friends and family had started tagging us and messaging us with the post,” he said.

They are still on cloud nine after the outpouring of the “bayanihan” spirit given to them.


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“VP Leni Robredo did not just run a campaign but also awoke the Bayanihan Spirit of the Filipino people,” De Guzman said.

“It showed that Filipino people can come together during hard times and be the light and support that we need through trying times,” said De Guzman.

Taken last May 7, 2022 during VP Leni’s miting de avance in Makati City, the couple opted to use their viral placard again and added ” Ikakasal kami na si KIKO ang BISE.”

Meanwhile, the groom has a message for their online bullies: “For those that still continue to spread negativity on the photos, we hope you find the peace you need.”

“We stood with our candidate not just for the people that stand with us but for everyone,” he continued. (Luisa Cabato)