Time, beauty, and Louis XIII 

Published May 14, 2022, 2:30 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

More about this unique, heady decanter of exquisite cognac

The event mounted by Louis XIII was hashtagged Believe in Time and spoke of thinking a century ahead which is exactly what the premium, luxury cognac Louis XIII of Remy Martin does to the “eau de vie” that’s stored as part of the process of creating this unique, heady decanter of exquisite cognac. That the event was happening at the Palacio de Memoria, a pre-war mansion on Roxas Boulevard that’s close to a century old itself, only belied how time, beauty, refined taste, and spirits of the highest order, were being expertly blended this one evening. 

And did I mention beauty? Regional Head Nicolas Remy, who flew in from Singapore, had Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi and Michelle Dee on one side of him, while Tessa Valdes was seated on the other side. Hosted by Janeena Chan, there certainly was enough beauty on board, as Nicolas first spoke about this #BelieveinTime project of Louis XIII, and how Grammy-winning songstress and cultural icon Solange Knowles, was brought on board to don the fantastic outfits of couture designer Guo Pei, and be directed in a video by the renowned Senegalese Mati Diop, who directed The Atlantics.

Tessa Prieto, Nicolas Remy, Celeste Cortesi and Michelle Dee.

Nicolas Remy was ecstatic announcing the details of the video, but he got even more animated after the dinner, when the Louis XIII goblets were brought out, and he tendered a short descriptive talk about what we were about to experience and taste. And yes, there is something very special about Louis XIII, and we can sense that from the aroma alone. Leather, tobacco, something unquestionably masculine and strong, emanates from the glass of cognac. 
Then, you actually drink the cognac and let it swirl in your mouth, and a burst of flavor is experienced and it cannot be equaled. It’s smooth, yet very strong and defined. It’s got a touch of softness at the edges, but rock-solid and earthy at the core. These contrasts blend and mix in delight as you let the cognac go down your throat—and the warmth that is felt as it settles in your stomach is one for the books.

Nicolas giving his talk.

Cognac may not be that popular here in the Philippines, as it is in China. There, it’s treated like water, and you’ll find it in all of the clubs and fine-dining establishments. Within the hierarchy of cognac, the one regarded as the most premium would be Louis XIII, and it’s a status symbol of taste, refinement, and purchasing power. 

Celeste and Michelle, believing it’s their time.

In the USA, there’s a crazy evolving equity for the brand, as it has somehow become attached to the world of classier, niche hip-hop, and bestowed an African-American vibe. It’s favored by sophisticated R&B artists, and the upper echelon of basketball, football and baseball stars. 
While it may have started off traditionally, in Europe, as an after-dinner drink that one imbibes in with a cigar, or as the men retire to the smoking room; the uncanny marketing of Louis XIII has created a unique all-night image for the liquor. Both men and women now enjoy it, and it has become emblematic of reaching a certain status in life, and being no-nonsense in knowing what one enjoys and appreciates. 

That the Louis XIII decanters are special handmade bottles only add to the mystique of the product. With a dinner specially prepared by Chef Margarita Fores, the special Louis XIII night was one fit for the King, for royalty… and for timeless beauty.