These celebs swear by Solmux Advance with Zinc and here’s why

Published May 14, 2022, 2:06 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Mariel Padilla

Even as restrictions are being eased to Alert Level 1, we can’t be careless with our actions during this pandemic. Proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, sound mental health and adequate rest are still important. Equally vital is a healthier immune system that will lower the risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases.

A growing number of celebrities who are health buffs swear by the effectiveness of the new Solmux Advance for the relief of cough with phlegm plus added immunity.  Solmux Advance is the Philippines’ first and only cough with phlegm solution combining Carbocisteine, which causes phlegm to melt, making it easier to cough up and expel and also reduces and removes bacteria in phlegm; and Zinc, which helps boost immunity and functions as an antioxidant.

Gino Roque IV: Tough against cough

An heir to the retail empire Kamiseta Group of Companies, Gino also owns apparel-turned-events company Forza. After his stint as a housemate at Pinoy Big Brother 8, he produced and starred in  the romantic-comedy series “Beauty and the Boss,” where he starred with Elisse Joson; and “Pasabuy,” where he is paired with Heaven Peralejo.

As a multi-hyphenate, Gino has to remain healthy. “Ever since the pandemic started, we all kind of lived under a rock for over a year. Especially with my family, we live in a compound. Sila lolo and lola were so scared if we go out a lot. This pandemic has been going on for so long.  What we did was we adjusted to the New Normal,” he shared.  

Between acting in locked-in tapings and producing shows, Gino grew paranoid. “Konting ubo lang, all of a sudden you feel like you are sick or you might have Covid. I play lead characters, so imagine if I was sick or my immune system wasn’t so strong. The whole shoot would be useless. All those money spent would be for nothing,” Gino said on an Instagram post to his almost 500,000 followers.

To foster a healthier work environment, (or, with all the responsibilities Gino had to be on top of), Gino had to protect himself and be strong. He needed the best medicine possible. With some research, one of his doctors suggested that he take Solmux Advance with Zinc.

“What’s really nice about Solmux Advance is that it has these ingredients, carbocisteine and zinc. Carbocisteine was also able to expel my phlegm. So those are the formulas that will really boost our immune system. It cured my cough in a few days,” a satisfied Gino testified. “This was days before my shoot. Though I tested negative for Covid, I didn’t want things to be uncomfortable on set.”

“Apart from being a businessman, a producer and actor, I also have a small charity where I go out to the community and help out as much as we can. Called Gino’s Wish, we were able to help out 40,000 families. I would go out almost every day and my immune system has to be super-strong. Solmux is a lifesaver!”

Paolo Abrera and Suzi Entrata-Abrera: A healthy relationship

Suzi is a longtime Kapuso Network host of “Unang Hirit”and “Mars” while Paolo is a TV host, lifestyle columnist, triathlete, environmentalist, commercials director and TV content producer. They met in the sports show “Game Plan” and has been married since 2001.

“Our New Normal routine? Staying healthy all around. Eating right, exercising, making sure we get sufficient rest as well as boosting our immune system help us stay on top of anything we may catch nowadays,” Paolo Abrera (@paoloabrera) posted on his Instagram, as he and his wife Suzi Entrata-Abrera (@mars_suzi) made a joint video about their health journey. Like all blissful couples, they seamlessly finish each other’s sentences.

“We just celebrated International Women’s Day and I just want to honor my wife not just for being a wonderful wife to me but also being an excellent mom to our three girls [Leona, Jade and Antonella]. Napaka-metikulosa pagdating sa health sa aming pamilya para iwas-sakit,” a proud Paolo beamed.

“Pero kahit na anong ingat, just like a lot of people I know, Suzi and I got Covid last January,” Paolo reveals. “Thankfully the symptoms were manageable here at home.” 

They took Solmux Advance with Zinc right away. Suzi did research on the cough medicine brand before and was curious as to why it was different from the original Solmux. It was because of Zinc.

“Zinc has been the buzzword for the past couple of years. Nakilala s’ya na tumutulong sa pagpapalakas ng immune system. And when the immune system is functioning well, it’s more efficient at fighting off viruses,” Paolo explained.

Solmux Advance with Zinc, definitely, has become an essential part of the Entrata-Abrera household. It was a new, powerful, and effective discovery for them. 

“It is something that we will definitely recommend to friends and family lalo ngayon na mas madalas tayong lumalabas at maki-halobilo, mas lalong dapat makakasiguro na kung sakaling magka-ubo, ay mabilis naman s’yang mapagaling. 

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla: The OA mom that prefers A1 medicine

One of those dear friends that Suzi Entrata-Abrera referred to is TV host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla,  commercial model, endorser, “Pinoy Big Brother” host, VJ, actress, and wife of Robin Padilla; as well as an avowed OA mom.

“Because nga I am an OA mom, I always research. Nakikisali ako, nakikipag-chikahan ako with fellow moms at sa mga mom groups. Kasali na dyan ‘yung na-share ni Mommy Mars Suzi na Solmux Advance. And, this is the latest Solmux Advance with Carbocisteine and Zinc! Pinagsama para mas malakas at mas mabilis na gamot sa ubo,” Mariel mused.  

When there is cough with phlegm, carbocisteine is Mariel’s go-to medicine. She considers it her best friend. She got doubly elated when Zinc was added to the potent mix.

“This is because zinc helps boost the immune system. Para sa mga OA mommy na tulad ko, ‘yung gustong-gusto natin ang mga mas na ‘yan dahil gusto ko na mas protected ang kids ko,” emphasized Mariel.

“’Pag nagkakasakit, mas gusto ko na mas mabilis ang effect. Gusto ko mas mabilis magpagaling. “Solmux Advance is the only cough medicine with Zinc hindi lang dito sa Pilipinas kundi sa buong mundo! Di ba winner, mga mommies? Kaya alam n’yo na kapag may ubo lalo na’yung may phlegm, Solmux Advance with Zinc!”  

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