FASHION PULIS: New happiness

Published May 14, 2022, 10:46 AM

by Mike Lim

When celebrities declare their relationship, fans either support or bash the couple.

Luckily, Network Actress (NA) and Passionate Actor (PA) were in the first category.

Although NA and PA were not considered a love team, the public was receptive to their relationship. Many onlookers felt the two were meant for each other.

As months passed, the respective social media accounts of NA and PA showed their sweetness. The two were in love. Fans and family were supportive. Their management teams had no objection. The relationship looked promising and their followers hoped the two would lead to a forever status.

Time is tricky. NA and PA stunned supporters when their posts no longer featured each other. Soon, PA hinted things were over and later, the two separately admitted they were done.

Still, fans hoped for a reconciliation. The post breakup scenario was filled with comforting and assuring words for each other. No one bickered. They were seen together, as well.

However, NA and PA going back together might be impossible at this point.

While PA has been seen with other girls, he has not confirmed if his heart has found someone new.

Similarly, NA has been recently spotted with a Non-showbiz Guy (NG).

NA and NG were sweet towards each other according to onlookers. Their behavior prompted questions on whether NA has moved on and NG is the one making her heart beat faster.  

‘Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on.’ − Carrie Underwood

Mobbed by a gang

Over the past years, Handsome Dude (HD) has become a favorite of fans and production teams. From just having a cute face and physique as well as connections when he started, HD developed his talents.

HD became sought after as a model because of his looks.

HD was given significant projects that challenged his acting skills. His TV projects and movies were rated and he was noticed by critics. Viewers were appreciative of his acting. In addition to acting, HD proved he could handle live shows. He was articulate enough to be trusted with hosting various events. Moreover, HD was active in his political endorsement. Complaints or grievances about his attitude on the set have never been reported to media.

HD is not known to be hot-headed or has ever been involved in any critical controversy. However, an incident involving him allegedly occurred a few days ago in a hangout place somewhere south of the capital. It was there where a group of men allegedly took to their fists with HD as their victim. Details are still sketchy, and a news blackout has been imposed by his management team.

‘Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.’ − Thomas Jefferson

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