Clergy for the Moral Choice cites efforts of all electoral participants

Published May 14, 2022, 5:09 PM

by Christina Hermoso

The Clergy for the Moral Choice cited the efforts of all those who helped and participated in the recently held national and local elections.

Members of the Clergy for the Moral Choice, a group composed of more than 1,000 bishops, priests, and deacons in front of Comelec on May 4, 2022. (Ali vicoy)

“The 2022 National and Local Elections are over, but the canvassing of votes, especially for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential positions, continue. While we await the final results, we, your pastors, express our admiration for the courage and patience of all the Filipinos who braved the summer heat and long lines of people in order to exercise their right to choose their political leaders,” said the Clergy for the Moral Choice over Radio Veritas.

The group particularly cited the teachers as well as Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) volunteers in different parts of the country.

“We also commend the brave and generous PPCRV volunteers who manned the polling places all over the country, sometimes extending even beyond the election day, to ensure the orderly and credible elections, and those who are at the UST Command Center who are still tallying the results. We are likewise inspired by the patient public school teachers who acted as election officers and who faced the brunt of some restless voters waiting for their turn to vote,” the Clergy for the Moral Choice added.

The group, which is composed of bishops and priests, called on the public to remain calm, accept the will of the majority and to continue to pray for the result of the canvassing.

“We may not agree with the partial and unofficial results of the national elections. But we are urging the faithful to remain calm and to avoid spreading unverified information that will further exacerbate the tension. Please remain calm. We invite you to gather in prayer in your respective churches, chapels, schools and homes and ask the Lord that the true will of the people be manifested,”said the Clergy for the Moral Choice.

“When the time comes that the final, official and credible results of the elections come out but are contrary to what we worked for and expected, let us channel our energy and radical love to what will be best for the Philippines and the Filipino people,” the group added.