Wish Date 'Forever Will Remain' successfully wraps up concert at New Frontier Theater

Wish 107.5 FM and KDR Music House seem to have formulated an economical way to pull off a concert that draws in an overflow crowd that even mightily sing-along with the performers.

KDR Music House, the radio station's events arm, found out that the details revealed in the love letters are more than enough to serve as storyline in an engaging concert.

The music house, which has had produced theme-less group concerts under the banner name Wish Date, has just pulled off a love letter-based concert titled "Forever Will Remain" on Sunday night, first of May, at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City.

The concert featured The Wishfuls, a vocal quintet of four women and a member of the LGTB community. They are winners of the online singing contest "Wishcovery". The women are Kimberly Baluzo, Rhea Basco, Louie Anne Culala, and Princess Sevillena.

The LGBT member is Ace Bartolome, who is portly, dresses up like a man, and sports a man's hair cut despite her angelic solid voice. The concert also supported by the rising OPM band I Belong To The Zoo that dished out popular original songs that made the crowd jumped out of their seats.

They had solo numbers, duets, trios, and chorus of love songs, many of which were popularized by Joey Albert who was cooing and crooning "hugot" songs in the 80s and 90s before that term was minted by the extremely sentimental.

Some numbers had back-up dancers. The Wishfuls performed 21 songs, accompanied by Third Avenue band, with Adonis Tabanda as musical director, and Arnold Sanchez as stage director. The full-house audience energetically sang along to the repertoire. There was no need for a host since the songs are related to the contents of the letter, read in voice-over by Dr. Clark.

The letter's contents were divided into segments that featured no-dialog re-enactment of the pain and pleasure, thrills and sorrows, joys and fears of being in love. KDR Music House will put up similar concerts this year featuring known OPM artists and their own signed talents. Wish Date will have its live stream via KDR Music House YouTube Channel on May 15 Sunday at 7 pm.