If you can’t take the summer heat, get into the kitchen

Published May 13, 2022, 4:00 PM

by Aaron Cabeza

Must-have kitchen essentials for prepping (or when enjoying) a good summer spread

Summer means fun under the sun. But also, it means summer food! With the season come fresh fruits and vegetables to devour in the intense heat. Or maybe the famous halo-halo and maiz con hielo for dessert, kakanin, or even Filipino pastries as merienda.

Proper and quality gadgets and equipment make for a pleasurable cooking experience regardless of the season.

The native brand offers a slew of high-quality, affordable, and reliable electronics targeted at helping consumers make the most out our cooking experience.

Prepare the best food trip at home with these products made by Camel, one of the most-famous local home appliance manufacturers in the Philippines.

The native brand offers a slew of high-quality, affordable, and reliable electronics targeted at helping consumers make the most out our cooking experience.

Check these out.

Blend in

Making smoothies, shakes, and juices is made easier with the Blender CBL1040G, which is designed to easily crush ice for various favorite beverages. With amazing features such as a five-speed level with pulse function that lets users select the speed and mode of blending, it comes with a glass jar, and stainless-steel blades. This is the top choice summer product for those looking for a reliable blender that can do the job, from crushing ice to making smoothies and shakes in a jiffy.


Stay cool

Eating in doors in the scorching climate is unbearable. As a matter of fact, doing anything in the summer heat in the Philippines is agonizing. Enter Window Type Aircon CACW-07M Econo Series. The air-conditioning unit will have families have lunch or dinner in peace and great comfort without breaking the wallet. It has an amazing feature that automatically shuts off when the room reaches the desired cooling level.

Yes to technology, and goodbye to expensive electricity bills. The aircon also uses a globally-accepted refrigerant that makes it a non-ozone-depleting product that helps the environment. Parents need not fret because, with its anti-bacterial filter, it prevents the formation of molds and fungi and removes odor from the air that the family will breathe.

On the other hand, those in the kitchen may want to consider the CSF-1614C-UT Upward Tilt Fan. This upward tilt fan is designed to perform and survive high temperatures, especially in summer. It improves air circulation and it’s easy to use with an adjustable fan with a 65-degree upward tilt capability that’s perfect for every home.

Keep it fresh

The CRF-BDC601-SS Refrigerator is a great help in storing groceries without worrying about the capacity as this enormous freezer can fit about 38L and its refrigerator has a 132L capacity. It is designed with adjustable door shelves so that users can make changes as they need, and clear and durable drawers to easily see contents.

Bake it ‘til you make it

Camel WM-E4501R Electric Oven is not only big, but reliable as well. The stainless steel oven has a large cooking capacity of 45 liters for bigger recipes. It has a convection rotisserie function and a 60-minute timer with light indicator for your baking pleasure. There are four stainless steel heating elements with five position heating selection. It comes with the whole she-bang, from a rotisserie kit to a baking tray, wire rack, and tray handle.

Find Camel electronics in major appliance centers nationwide, including Lazada and Shopee. www.camelappliances.com