MOVIEGOER: Same-sex love scenes easier

Published May 12, 2022, 7:56 AM

by Nestor Cuartero

Ayanna Misola

   Among actors, performing sexual acts with the same sex during shoots allows them greater freedom and mobility. Where it used to be taboo and spoken only in whispers, such scenes have come out of the closet for all the world to witness and celebrate.

   Actors in the present time have liberated themselves from conventions of the past that they admit to not setting limits while filming erotic scenes. It doesn’t matter now whether the scenes require man-to-man or woman-to- woman dalliances. In fact in the case of some, they claim that it is so much better and easier to pull off homosexual love scenes than heterosexual ones.


     For some actors, kissing a man is a lot easier than kissing a woman in cinematic terms and for cinematic purposes.

     Sid Lucero, who has acted in a few gay-oriented films, says it’s a lot less complicated to kiss a man than a woman from personal experience.

      “When doing a kissing scene or a love scene with a woman, you have to be more careful. First, you are there to make the scene good. Second, you have to make sure that you cover up for her, that her privates are not exposed unnecessarily. Third, you must be aware not to go beyond her limitations.’’

Janelle Tee


     It’s the exact opposite when doing a kissing scene with a man, as Lucero did early on in his career in movies like Muli and Selda, where he won an Urian best actor.

       Man-to-man kissing, says the veteran actor not quite 40, is not as demanding as man-to-woman, requirements-wise.

        “There are no such considerations when you kiss a fellow actor on camera. Since you are both men, you go through the scene as normally, as straightforward, as routinely, as possible. You give it your best shot so you won’t have to repeat it.’’

     There aren’t also any other considerations when an actor kisses a fellow actor. No cover-ups are required. No limitations, too. No issues about respect, going beyond boundaries, and all that.


     Sid Lucero’s opinion has found an echo among younger actors like Paolo Gumabao and Vince Rillon, co-stars in a boys-love film called Sisid, by Brillante Mendoza.

       Paolo, who first did a love scene with another actor in Lockdown, by Joel Lamangan, also says it makes no difference whether he kisses a man or a woman on cam. The experience remains the same. It’s still a kiss, he says, that you can enjoy or forget later. 

        Vince says men and women have the same set of lips, although some are softer than others. Kissing a man yields the same beautiful sensation as kissing a woman.

         “Pareho lang sila,” the star of Siklo, Resbak, and Sisid says.

Paolo Gumabao (left) and Vince Rillon


    Rising bombshells Ayanna Misola and Janelle Tee similarly told an online mediacon recently they feel safer, more relaxed, when doing love scenes with women. 

     “I set no limits,” declared Ayanna, who plays an innocent island girl introduced to the ways of the flesh in Putahe, by Roman Perez, Jr.  

        Putahe streams on Vivamax starting May 13.