Mom Nadine Samonte’s experience with diaper rashes on baby

Published May 12, 2022, 11:25 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Doctor shares how to treat them

The reality of motherhood is not an easy job and yet people often say that being a mommy is not a job considering that you are just in the house. Little did they know that there is so much to do—manage the house, budget the expenses and especially, look after the children from birth.

Taking care of the baby particularly when they are newborn is paying attention to every little detail and being extremely cautious in their health inside out.

Baby’s skin is extra sensitive compared to an adult’s skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body so we can’t take it for granted and take care of it as well. When we differentiate, the baby’s skin is not yet matured, still in progress, so their skin is much thinner.

Babies wear diapers every day, so we don’t have much of a choice but to notice from time to time red spots or marks on the baby’s bum. And as a mommy, we should know how to prevent the rashes that come from the diapers of our babies and how to deal with it. 

Nadine Samonte, an actress and a mom of three wonderful kids told us that, “It is hard, nakaka panic, kapag nakita mo, lalong lalo na  sa nappy area nila na its reddish and sobrang nagbi-blistered na and all.”

Problems with skin are hard to deal with mostly with the first time moms who are usually clueless considering that they are not experts at this moment.

“Ako, nung first baby ko, talagang nagulat ako, nawindang ako… yung newborn ay sobrang sensitive talaga at gentle ng skin nila pero napansin ko sa mga babies ko, extra sensitive sila.” said Ciara Magallanes, Mommy Diaries PH.

At the Bepanthen online launch

Given the difficulties of being a mom, Dr. Leah Manio shared how sensitive a baby’s skin is. She stated that baby’s skin cells are so loose that some irritants can actually enter the skin, opposition of the adult’s skin that is already compacted. In addition, the PH levels of the baby’s skin are higher than the adult which is why it is more prone to infection and irritation.

In spite of that, the good news is that we have a remedy where you can trust your baby’s skin and give them a happy bum for a happy baby and of course, for a happy mommy.

Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment is mom’s new partner for every nappy change that has a gently effective formula. It has a dexpanthenol together with other key ingredients to help provide triple action formula and helps skin to soothe, to care and protect for the baby’s nappy area.

It is important that the baby’s skin is healthy but you don’t have to worry anymore because of the Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment that can help moms to wipe out all the rashes and skin irritation. It is very easy to apply and has a breathable barrier cream that helps keep little bottoms happy and protected from the causes of nappy rash.

Written by Blessy Caballero.