Ex-town mayor in upset win in congressional race for La Union’s second district

Published May 12, 2022, 4:59 PM

by Freddie Lazaro

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – A former town mayor has promised to focus on addressing his constituents’ welfare towards growth and development in a new capacity.

He is Dante Sotelo Garcia, the former mayor of Tubao, La Union who will represent La Union’s second district after winning in the local election last May 9.

Garcia was proclaimed on Tuesday morning by the La Union provincial board of canvassers after he victoriously snatched the post from incumbent lawmaker Sandra Eriguel with 134,938 votes against the latter’s 114,314.

It was an upset of sorts as Garcia put a stop on Eriguel’s political dreams.

His daughter, Steph, who also suffered the same fate as her mother in a heart-pounding end at the mayoralty race in Agoo town, La Union.

“This victory is a victory of all , especially those dreaming for change,” Garcia remarked.

Garcia was magnanimous in victory, saying he will offer his hand for reconciliation with his opponent and all her supporters so that development in the Second District could be realized.

Garcia’s centerpiece program’s mantra, he explained, simply revolves around “bringing the government closer to the people”.

He said, all should benefit from the government, “not the other way around”. The incoming lawmaker, whose public life started as a young leader in the Sangguning Kabataan movement in his hometown in Tubao, said there is only one focus of my leadership— the people’s welfare.