Would you wear these distressed sneakers by Balenciaga?

Published May 10, 2022, 5:06 PM

by John Legaspi

The luxury label launches its new Paris sneakers with a now-viral campaign

Slashed, dirty, and with frayed edges. That’s what Balenciaga’s new sneakers dubbed Paris look like.

Paris sneakers’ campaign ads (Photos from Balenciaga)

Distressed style has been a perennial trend in the fashion industry as it adds texture and attitude to a piece. Think of Carrie Bradshaw’s tattered Roberto Cavalli top and Paris Jackson’s “Michelle My Belle” look at the MTV Awards to the weather-beaten denim jeans. But in Balenciaga’s case, its latest release is going viral due to the exaggerated ruggedness of the sneakers’ look in its campaign.

Unlike its product photos, which present the shoes with “mild” tearing and discoloration, the ad features totally worn-out high-top footwear, something that you would see on a garbage bid. Balenciaga, with the leadership of creative director Demna Gvasalia, has been known for its unconventional campaigns and showcases—the broken iPhone 5 runway show invitation and powerful fashion presentation in a large-scale snow globe. And this latest release is no exception.

Paris sneakers style (Photos from Balenciaga)

According to a brand statement, the ad showing the filthy footwear is meant to remind everyone that the new Paris sneakers “are meant to be worn for a lifetime.” Paper magazine reported that the Paris pair costs $1,850 and comes in distressed, while a cheaper kind, $700, comes in a clean style.

Check them out here.

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